Frozen in mud

This has happened a few times now, especially on the KLAX to KSAN run, with a special attention on the KSAN landing. It seems that I find myself literally ‘stuck in mud’, so to speak, at the end of the runway.

I was in a 747-200 coming in at -600vs at 160 knots. I crossed the threshold on the ball in terms of speed, decent, and trajectory, and raised the nose to my usual vs -200 or so only to find myself stuck in a hover. I then executed a missed approach - giving it full power and a vs of +400. With no effect. After a while I realised that I was stranded at the end of the runway. Literally frozen in the graphics. As this has happened three times now, I reckon its a bug.

So what are you trying to say?

Ok so I hope my last post was up long enough to make the point. So I’ll delete before the IF thought police polish their brouges.

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Struggling to understand…


Be careful, he may call you out for not understanding…


Ay? Me no understando…

The landing speed of a B744 is not 160 knots, you can pull of a good landing at ~135 knots. Also a good and smooth landing should not happen at 600-1000 VS, more like 0-200 VS.

Please do not get upset, it was hard to understand your post, even for me who has some good grades in English. Keegan kindly asked you what you were wanting to ask us, and you replied with a post which was very immature and not so nice.

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@Keegan_Gidley really no need…

Firstly, There was absolutely nothing wrong with my flight. Coming in at -600vs and raising the nose to -200 after the thresh hold is perfectly fine. A 747-200 can come in at 160 with zero issues as well. Fact is I have flown that route hundreds of times and have landed identically the same way virtually every time with no dramas. Furthermore, I have landed that and the larger 800’s at countless other airports with the same effect - perfect landings.

The problem is that after the last update - my aircraft freezes/sticks/gets locked into, the position in the screen shot! My aircraft stays that way untill I restart the app.

Hence me posting it in the bugs section.

As for the other comments, with a little imagination, the post was perfectly comprehensible - well for an adult anyway.

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Had to remove garble from my original post to cater for the kids.

So what you’re saying is that the game freezes. What device are you using?

What he’s trying to say, is that bug when your gear literally gets “stuck” in the ground or “glitch” so to speak so that’s why @Snarling_Raven said he’s “stuck in mud” ;)

So he lands then gets stuck?

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One could put it that way

He could’ve just said that he gets stuck when he lands…

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Make sure you flair on landing, if you don’t, you have a high chance of getting stuck because the landing gear went through the ground!

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Frozen in mud

Thought it was pretty clear!

I did flair

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It’s flare, not flair

for the record.
It was really late when I made my original post and I was typing quickly - what I thought was literary license seems to have been missed by those that mostly communicate using ‘twits’ on ‘twitter’. I was also using a lot of Australian colloquialisms like ‘gets lunched’ - mean ‘buggered up - stuffed up - fkd up’ etc; ‘a soft glove on the crown jewels’ meaning a gentle hand on your dick - softly, And a few other expressions not at all misplaced down under. Seems we can work things out based on context rather that exacting text. A colourful prose to say the least.

Which is why I edited the original.

Still if this was a tweet made by a twit on twitter I would have said.

“Graphics crash after landing. Resulting in craft being buried in the ground and frozen in the take off position.”

Which to me is a little lack luster and doesn’t really explain very much resulting in the need for a dozen more tweets.

Try and be a little more ‘robust’ with your interpretation of other ‘Englishes’ - there isn’t just ONE English.
Try and be more imaginative with what others are trying to say - and encourage poetic and literary licence - nothing wrong with a little ‘verbal flamboyance’.
Try to realise that sometimes a rushed text can be its own monster especially if you are typing quickly on a tiny arsed screen with large fat German fingers; trying to do the same with auto-correct constantly changing critical areas of text; trying to do the same in winter with ‘smart gloves’ (gloves you can operate touch screen tech with)

I should also probably add that I also had a few when I made the original text and well that always ‘distorts’ things a bit, so

Try to offer a wide path for some texts - cause you don’t really know all the conditions enveloping it.

Sorry for any miscoms. I was just having a ‘snarl’.

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