Frosty Flight to the Russian Tundra

So I thought I’d go give some love to one of the forgotten liveries in Infinite Flight and go take the good old Yakutia Airlines Dash 8-Q400 out for a spin and ended up in frosty Sakha Republic in Russia’s Far East. 🇷🇺

Route Info:

Flight Number: R39735
Departure Airport: Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk Airport (YKS/UEEE) 🇷🇺
Arrival Airport: Pevek Airport (PWE/UHMP) 🇷🇺
Via: Srednekolymsk Airport (SEK/UESK) 🇷🇺
Aircraft: Yakutia Airlines Dash 8-Q400
Flight Time:

The Photos

Picking up our aircraft in Yakutsk in whopping -43°C (-46°F) weather… 🥶

Lights out (or on) and away we go 🛫

Gorgeous view of the Lena River departing Yakutsk!

Finally some light somewhere over the Siberian tundra… also the most light we’ll get on this flight!

Final turn on approach into our first stop Srednekolymsk, about 800nm north east of Yakutsk 🪆

Seconds from touchdown 67° North in an almost warm -34°C (-29°F) weather…

And off on our second leg of the flight even further north!

Commencing our final descend into Pevek

Pevek Unicon, Air Yakutia 9735 on final runway 34

Дамы и господа, добро пожаловать в Певек! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Pevek!

Hope you enjoyed my trip to the frosty Russian high north and thanks for watching!!!


Nice shots! But most of them I can’t see lol

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I love the route! But it would be good to set the date in the Summer and set the time to sundown for example. That way you have more visibility but can simulate low sunlight as well.

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Sorry but I’m tha 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽