Frontier worker stabbed to death by co-worker

At Philadelphia Airport this morning an altercation came about between two airport workers, ending fataly after one of the co-workers was stabbed to death. My heart goes out to the family members affected by this tragedy.

Here is the link:


So where does the line stand about crew being able to bring weapons as flight protection and crew not bringing them like all other passengers??

This should have never happened.


Tragic. But do we need a thread about this? What does it bring us? What benefit does it have?


It was a box cutter not an actual knife

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Im sort of surprised that Frontier or KPHL has not released a statement yet

They need to protect themselves as this reflects on them even though they had nothing to do with it


Not somthing you hear every day…

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R.I.P. Sad.
@SkyHighGuys look. It’s FFT. Not for a good reason tho.

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I saw this incident. Truly heartbreaking. I had a moment of silence today in respect. I can’t believe someone would have the mental ability to stomach doing such an action.
I reached out to Frontier to offer my condolences. So heartbreaking ☹️

#WeRememberYou #FrontierAirlines


That’s just horrible. Getting stabbed multiple times would be the most horrible thing 😣.

R.I.P. to the victim. What’s wrong with humanity?? Has it become just a word on paper in the views of most people? Just heartbreaking.

This is a barbaric act of violence **THAT SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED **

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