Frontier Virtual Podcast I RWA F9 Employee or Airport Worker Needed


The fifth episode is now out! Enjoy…

What you can expect:

  1. We aren’t entirely concrete on this but hopefully weekly episodes. If that doesn’t cut it due to outside influences it may shift to biweekly.
  2. Episodes will be no longer then 30 minutes per. We respect your time and the fact that you are surrendering part of your day to listen to us.
  3. Content will always include Frontier Airlines news. So this will not evolve into just another Infinite Flight podcast. It is solely made for the airline but we are going to be discussing topics here on the forums.
  4. Announces and talks on the future for tha airline and its dependency on global.
  5. updates to the airline
  6. Certain episodes will be QaA sessions where we will answer questions you on the forums have for us.
  7. Updates on Virtual Airlines, not just ours, with permission from the CEOs.

Meet the Podcast 🎧 Team:

Host: @Infinite.flight
Co-Host: @Cessna_Driver
Video: Hosted on our YouTube channel by @Tecnam2TA


Q. Are you serious?
A. …

Q. What is your content specifically?
A. You’ll have to listen and find out ;)

Q. Will you be having forum guest appearances/ Frontier Pilot appearances?
A. After we kickoff the podcast we are planning on having staggered appearances by some of our most loyal and active pilots. As of now we are not planning on forum members. That is always flexible though so if you think that’s a good idea I’m ready for feedback. Just please make sure it is constructive.

Q. Will we have to see yet another podcast thread about asking questions?
A. Unless it is for a special guest star in which we diverse to give the forums a chance to have any of their personal inquires answered, there will be no additional threads.

Future Episode Content

Episode 1: Introduction into Frontier Virtual Airlines
Episode 2: Questions Answered and Global peeks
Episode 3: Frontier Pilot @Dairell_Martinez joins the team to discuss his life in FVA
Episode 4: Global and Frontier Part 1
Episode 5: Frontier VA pilot Tyler talks about his career in aviation and his charter airline.
Episode 6: The FVACast is joined by serveral Frontier VA pilots as we all joke and talk about our lives as frontier pilots.
Episode 7: TBD
Episode 8: TBD
Episode 9: TBD
Episode 10: A very very special guest star host is joining us.
Episode 11: TBD

That’s all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we answered any questions you may have. If you do have unanswered questions please feel free to comment below.
Also on a side note, this thread has been approved by the IFVARB association under @NEO.

Our first episode is airing Saturday 4th-Sunday 5th. Hopefully we can interest you enough that you’ll check the episode out. If you don’t know how to find our channel, just click on my profile link. It will take out to our website where you can find our social media in the far right hand side page. #flyfrontier #acarrierwhocares


I love to see how VAs are growing so fast. Congratulations!


Cool to see so much effort being put into a VA. Keep it up :)


Really happy to see you guys are as excited as I am :)


Sounds an interesting project. Good luck with it, will try and catch an episode.


A lot of FlightCast competitors have bedn poping up lately.


We’re not in any way trying, nor able, to compete with FlightCast. We simply cannot be compared to them because we are producing our own content that relates to Frontier Virtual. We’re simply recording the answers to some frequently asked questions as well as providing an insight at what is to come in Frontier VA. The audio will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. :)


FrontierVirtualCast is not meant to be a competitor for FlightCast. They deal with IF we deal with FVA and the occasional big news tidbits.


so original. i believe BAVA did the same


I hope the first podcast is successful.


We hope so also :) make sure you tune in


Can I ask some questions? If so, what prompted you to start up a virtual airline? How did you find someone else you trusted to help you with the airline? If you could start Frontier VA again, what would you do differently? And finally: what big new plans do you have to change or upgrade the airline when global comes out? (I’m not saying the airline is bad now, I’m just asking what you would do to make it better)


Yes you guys are right but I’m just stating facts and that was on topic as it was a comment of my thoughts on this subject


Good luck from Star Travel Airlines! :)



How exactly will you record the podcast? Using professional software, or what? A virtual booth like Jason?

Thanks for the questions. We’ll do our best to include them. :)

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We’re not using professional mics and recording equipment. Although I personally have access to high quality mics and such since I’m a sound technician, other people involved do not. What we’re doing is like having someone on a phone call on the radio station. In the future, we’ll consider other options as needed. For now, we have to stick with what everyone has. :)


My apologies if I jumped on you. Yesterday was a stressful day with loads of tests. Thank you for replying cordially. Hope you can listen in and enjoy.

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We will do our best to answer your questions mate :)

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As we are within 27 hours of shooting the podcast I encourage folks interested to pose their questions here. Here is what we will be discussing

  1. The beginning of Frontier VA
  2. Current operations for the airline

So if you have any questions based off of those, please comment below. We’ve already had some great questions posed above thanks to @DeltaCRJ-900 . Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Here in Colorado it’s cold, foggy, cloudy, and zero sun. Temps in the 20 degrees.