Frontier Virtual in Need of Website Weebly Expert

Frontier Virtual Airlines is in need of a talented, pilot who knows his way arounds computers and feels confident for working on a weebly website. Frontier VA with its 37 active pilots needs a diligent loyal user who is willing to spend lots of time helping myself and my co CEO @Cessna_Driver

If you are that man please consider dropping a comment below. Hope everyone’s day is going splendid with an enjoyable weekend. I’ll have this thread closed after I get a website designer so you don’t have to worry :)


Hehe hello lol.

I remember you ;)

What do I get in return?

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Haha lol… I’m currently doing one now – can I recommend someone?

To become part of the most friendly active unique airlines. :) I’d say that’s quite the deal.

Haha… Good luck finding somebody.

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Thanks man your support is duly noted ;)

Who is this recommended person

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I have invited them into the topic… I love @kyle.plane 's websites!

I can make one for you. Here is the one I made for my VA

I’ll can, but it’ll take some time as we are mid exams. Maybe I can finish one by about January.

What’s wrong with your current one?

Yeah, your current one is excellent! :)

We need to update the staff portion that’s all :) our current websites staff portion is out of date

I’d be happy to help! :D

Already have a website designer thank you

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