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Soar Together.

Welcome to Frontier Virtual.

What is Our Mission?

F9VA was founded on the basis of wanting to create an Virtual Airline that makes people feel safe, valued, and encouraged to reach their flying goals in a way that not only promotes success, but growth as well. While those of us at Frontier Virtual want to see our virtual airline climb the ranks and be amongst the best of what the best VA’s have to offer, our primary goal is to ensure that those who enroll, will feel like they’re apart of a family that has each other’s back in any scenario possible. We want to stand out by being pilot friendly, community based and setting our sights on becoming an airline that sets it’s foundation upon the 5 core values we hold…

  • Commitment

  • Safety

  • Integrity

  • Love

  • Growth

    To find out more about how we operate and what we do, take a look.

What “Soar Together” means to us.

You’ll see it everywhere. On our website, on social media, all over our community. “Soar Together” means us as a VA. In order for us to grow, inspire, and create. It takes everyone. No matter what your role is at Frontier Virtual, you are important and you play a major part in making Frontier Virtual into what it’s intended to be.

If you feel that you hold one of our 5 core values, apply here to fly with us today!

Destination Everywhere

Denver, Colorado is one of the busiest hubs throughout the entire globe. With a central location placed at the heart of the continental United States, destinations such as the beaches of Florida, the mountains of Washington, the sights to see in Mexico, can all easily be accessible when flying out of KDEN.

And look out for new potential codeshare routes in the near future!

Pilot Education

At Frontier Virtual, Grade 2 pilots and above will be welcomed to join, so it is crucial that good training program is set in place. While Grade 2 pilots will always be allowed to submit an application, the goal at Frontier Virtual is to ensure that we are able to help them level up and become a Grade 3 or above. To do this, a 3 step process will be in place to ensure that not only for pilots that want to fly for Frontier Virtual are able to do so, but so that individual growth and progress become the base of their foundation as well.

Step 1: The Application Process

Pilots will have the opportunity to submit an application that will be linked to our website. They will answer questions in regards to their grade, their activity level within the simulator, and what kind of individual they are what they ultimately want to be. This will prove to be a crucial part of the initial admittance. Frontier Virtual wants to maintain a fun, professional, and healthy environment, thus assuring that any pilots wanting to fly for our VA are able to hold themselves to the core values that we cherish.

Step 2: Approval and EFR

Once pilots have been notified that their application has been approved, our Chief Pilot will assign them to a VCFI (Virtual CFI) that will schedule an EFR (Entry Flight Review) to assess them on flight performance, understanding of ATC procedures, and the use of flight navigation resources. This assessment will not affect the enrollment of a pilot, but will be used as a guide to see in what areas a pilot excels, and where improvement can be made. Once the EFR is over, and the VCFI has provided beneficial instruction, they will provide a pilot with an Educational Review packet that is specifically geared towards the pilot’s needs of improvement.

Step 3: Secondary Assessment

If a pilot has received an Educational Review packet, they will be given the flight time in which they’re a Cadet (15 hours) to improve areas highlighted during their EFR. After they’ve successfully logged 15 hours of flight time, they will schedule a Secondary Assessment with the same VCFI that the EFR was given by. This assessment will not affect the enrollment of a pilot, but could inhibit their ability to begin ranking up. Once a pilot has shown progress during their Secondary Assessment, they will be able to begin official ranking, and become a Second Officer.

Frontier Virtual is hiring executive positions and looking to improve it’s foundation as a new virtual airline! F9VA predicates itself to be an VA that allows all people to feel welcomed and celebrated as pilots.

Staff Listings

If you see yourself thriving in the role above, apply here!

New listings will be available soon!


can i have the pilot application @Frontier.Virtual

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Here you are! @zion89

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Sorry for the confusion all! Yes we are indeed IFVARB approved. However, there was a mistaken post in the wrong thread. We will adjust accordingly.

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Absolutely! The link to our pilot’s application can be found in the official F9VA thread above!


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Just go ahead and put how long you’ve been in your current VA! :)


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