Frontier Virtual I Soar Together I Hiring ALL Staff Positions

just submitted the pilot application @Frontier.Virtual

they are approved @tunamkol

Huh. Is this your thread?

no it is not @tunamkol

i was telling you that they are approved I don’t why he/she put in the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

can i sign up

Sorry for the confusion all! Yes we are indeed IFVARB approved. However, there was a mistaken post in the wrong thread. We will adjust accordingly.

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there you go @ELDEN_PLATENBERG

Absolutely! The link to our pilot’s application can be found in the official F9VA thread above!


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i still in a va what do i put in longest ive been in a va

Just go ahead and put how long you’ve been in your current VA! :)


You’re in luck! Not at all @BransonRodriguez ;)


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I signed up no one has gotten to me

Just applied :) @Frontier.Virtual @bechrisair

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@BransonRodriguez is already the COO of Frontier

Hi! @ELDEN_PLATENBERG I believe we sent you a message. If you haven’t received it yet, go ahead and let us know and we can correct this right away!

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I have not received it

Alright, go ahead and check your inbox!