Frontier Virtual, Finest Flights, Finest Pilots, Finest Destinations (New Thread)

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Frontier Virtual Airlines Official Thread

Finest Destinations, Finest Pilots, Finest Flights.

We are Frontier Virtual Airlines. Based in Denver, Colorado, in the heart of the Rockies, we strive for the pilot to have the best, most scenic flights possible while performing professionally.

What makes us unique?

Our pilots will experience an amazing VA structure and an amazing sense of community. Pilots are also able to enjoy the amazing scenery of nature all across North America. Professionalism and the pilot are always the top priorities at FTVA. We at FTVA understand that there is more to life than a virtual airline. That is why we are one of the first virtual airlines to introduce a flexible system that will revolve around the pilot’s needs. You no longer have to worry about being punished because you could not complete a flight. You have a life to live, and we will let you take time off. FTVA is also focused on professionalism. To ensure professionalism is in play, the pilot will receive both a short written and a quick practical exam when they join.

Moreover, we happily sponsor events, hold group flights, and offer periods of multiplied flight time. Alongside these, we feature new occasions such as Hot Routes, where a specific route can earn the pilot multiplied flight time.

Meet Our Staff

@TheFlyingGuy1 - Chief Executive Officer - Alex oversees all operations at Frontier Virtual and ensures the VA is running smoothly and at a high quality. He also is in charge of making announcements and agreeing on partnerships.

@Kevinsoto1502 - Chief Operating Officer - TheFlyingGuy1 handles all external affairs and social media accounts, such as this one. He is responsible for creating and managing events, group flights, and other gatherings. He also logs flights into our database.

@NathanD - Head of Internal Affairs - NathanD handles all internal affairs, including helping out with the social media accounts, working on the Slack workspace and FTVA website, and ensuring maturity is maintained during communication.

Open - Recruiter - (Open) is the coordinator of all incoming pilots to FTVA and runs the application form. He also hires top users for staff positions if the need arises.

@Carolina_Taylor - Chief Pilot - Carolina is the head of administering all practical tests as well as grading the written tests. He also is a mentor in the VA to all new pilots in case they still need to learn a few things before they can take to the skies.


Frontier Virtual Airlines holds an incredible amount of routes across North America. This map below features all of our 104 destinations and just about all of our routes.

Our hubs and focus cities include Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Cincinnati. Need more proof that we feature the most scenic routes? If you join our wonderful virtual airline, the Hot Route of the day will surely satisfy your eyes.


The Frontier Virtual Airlines’ fleet is one of the most underrated in Infinite Flight. Aircraft feature different animals from different parts of North America. We currently operate the Airbus A320 and the Airbus A321. More information about these aircraft can be found on our website.



At Frontier Virtual Airlines, we feature seven different ranks. These are Trainee, Reserve Officer, Second Officer, First Officer, Professional, Captain, and Senior Captain. The rank of Professional is obtained only by Infinite Flight ATC members to commemorate their service to this simulator. We are proud to be one of the first virtual airlines to support the magnificent volunteers at IFATC. Below is a table informing you of the ranks and the number of hours needed to obtain each one.

Rank Hours Needed
Trainee Granted on Entry
Reserve Officer 10
Second Officer 30
First Officer 60
Professional IFATC
Captain 130
Senior Captain 300

FTVA Website

You can find out more about FTVA on our website.

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Our Inspiration

All good ideas start somewhere.

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Beautiful thread!

Happy to be apart of this VA!

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New Thread! Making changes to the thread due to new staff right now!

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How long is the Wait for a response if you really don’t know that’s fine

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Yes, same here, I applied about 2 weeks ago and was wondering how long it will be until I hear back from y’all?

Applied! Looking forward to it!

are you guys active still?

Yes, we are still active! I’m in the VA currently as a pilot

Are you guys excepting pilots

Is this VA still operating on a regular and active basis?

I’m currently in the VA, the CEO is @bechrisair you can contact them if you’d like. Doesn’t seem very active inside the VA either.

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I appreciate your candidacy. I will DM him.

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Is this still active?

Yes, this VA is active and taking applications

I applied for this VA twice, still no response. I waited for 2 days, still no reply. Can anyone help?


@zand3r could probably help out. Good luck.


Thank You!


Hey @Ty_Davis this actually isn’t the current thread for Frontier Virtual. Please visit this thread to apply with us and I’ll be glad to process your application ASAP. :)

Sorry for the apparent confusion, not sure why this thread is still up.

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Also, thanks for tagging me @Skydriver900 you the real mvp ;)

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It’s what I’m here for.🤘🏻😂

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