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Ladies and Gentlemen, pilots of the forums,
It is my pleasure to announce a huge breakthrough for FVA. As many know, FVA is run by myself and my CO-CEO @Cessna_Driver. Well today, we expand our services and fleet to include our very first subsidiary. Will you join me in welcoming Frontier Virtual Expressways, a regional carrier based out of Denver, to the forums! We have a lot of ground to cover so let me begin.

Staff at FVE
@Infinite.flight = Founder and CEO
@Cessna_Driver = Co-CEO and Head of Staff
@Dairell_Martinez = Chief Pilot Officer

Fleet and Routes

Frontier Virtual Expressways (FVE) is based out of the Denver Region, with flights expanding the entire map. It also boasts routes in SoCal and NorCal.

Dash 8 Q-400 : The Dash is the largest aircraft in the FVE fleet and will only be used in the Denver Region. It will be featured in the generic livery.
Embraer-170: The E-170 is our second largest aircraft and also flies only in the Denver Region. It also will be in the generic livery.
CRJ-200: The CRJ, the smallest aircraft in the FVE fleet, will be used only in California, flying in SoCal and NorCal alike.

Aircraft Seating Charts

Here are the seating charts we will be using during booking process. There are also copies on the booking site itself so you don’t have to memorize it here.

Dash 8Q-400 Seating Chart

E170 Seating Chart

CRJ-200 Seating Chart

Hubs and Routes Information

The following are the hubs or central airport of focus in each of the two states.
Denver Region Hub: Colorado Springs, CO (COS)
Southern California Hub: San Diego, CA (SAN)
Northern California Hub: San Jose Intl, CA (SJC)

All routes are returnable. So if you want to fly, either as a pilot or as a passenger on our new booking program, any of these routes but want your arrival airport be the hub and not the departing airport, you may fly that way.
For example: KCOS - KDEN is a viable and active FVE route. However if you want to fly KDEN - KCOS that is perfectly fine!

About Frontier Virtual Expressways,
FVE is meant to open the ability for smaller grade pilots who cannot enjoy the fun that FVA (Frontier Virtual Airlines) provides. We have had to turn away many Grade 1-2 pilots and we do not like so. As of now, all pilots wanting to join the Frontier family but cannot are now able to join FVE and work with the fun and family, can now enjoy the fun. Any Grade can of course join FVE but there are no restrictions on Grade.
Frontier Expressways is a regional carrier to help shift weight from FVA on smaller aircraft. We hope the idea of mountain flying, landing at small airfields, and the usage of less large aircraft will increase traffic for FVA

BOOKING PROCESSTemporarily postpone. We apologize for any inconveniences that makes.

FVE is proud to be only the second airline in Infinite Flight to present this style of booking and flying. Below is an example of the sort of boarding pass you will receive after booking a flight with FVE!

Please remember when booking your flight, to include a valid departure and arrival airport. FVE is not responsible for committing to flights not in the regions it operates.

Booking, Boarding, Departure, Arrival, Finish Process

Booking Process:
Say you decide “to heck with it, I’m up for a flight with FVE and some mountain views”. We have you covered! All you need to do is click the above link and fill out all information. Please also note that all flights not including a route we fly or trying to ask us to do a global flight will not be able to happen.

Boarding Process:
Now you have your boarding pass. You’ll be contacted with a confirmation email and your boarding pass. Once you have that boarding pass (until a check in happens) you will wait twenty minutes prior to departure. You may log on to LiveFlight and watch as your flight departs and arrives at your airport. Now with the fancy time option, you can see how much time remains.

Departure Process:
Upon Departure, you may pull up, if you wish on another device, watch a video or play a game as you wait for your flight to land.

Arrival Process:
You are able to spawn in to your intended arrival airport and watch as your aircraft land. Please make sure all IFE is off and that you are sitting in an upright position for landing.

Finish Process
At the end of your flight you will be emailed a trip report with any information the pilot experienced. You may also contact FVE staff to report any issues you had with your personal expierence.

New Inflight Menus Offered On Every Flight! (Note: hot meals are not available on flights under 30 no with breakfast not available unless on a flight at 6:15 AMPST - 9:15 AM PST

Frontier Virtual Expressways has a website as well, complete with an application process and all information you may need. Feedback is appreciated.

We appreciate any new pilot interested in joining. Any feedback or questions post below.

(As a Frontier VA subsidiary this carrier also receives the pleasure of these awards)


The way you made this thread is very proffessional, Good Job. 👍


Wow! This looks very well put together! Congrats @SkyHighGuys and @Cessna_Driver on the opening of your subsidiary, and good luck! :)

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Thank you for your encouraging words :) it means a lot.
@Cpt_Chris why thank you good sir!

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image. "Do Good Work, Well Done! Max Sends


Not a big VA guy. But I must say I think your VA is very well organized, and this post sums it all up. Great work!


Frontier VA is very organized imho. It didnt surprised me that you got the “Most Organized” Title 😊. All the best for FVE and looking forward to book one of your flights 😉

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@Maxmustang @emil @SingaporeAirlines Your kind words are greatly appreciated. If you ever want to book a flight it would be our pleasure. If not, we are simply very happy to have made an impression.

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I hope to have the pleasure of being your pilot on a flight you book. As of now, our pilots or FVE are mainly FVA pilots until we can get new recruits and start opening up with more pilots.

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I’d just like to thank those pilots who have already booked flights on FVE! Your support is astounding! We already have two booked flights for COS - DEN and DEN to ASE!

Thats Me! Cant wait to fly on FVE!

This sounds amazing :smiley:

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So will I get a confirmation email? @SkyHighGuys

You will be getting a confirmation from our friends at the Southwest Booking Department shortly.
You will also be getting an email from the staff here at FVE.

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I’m glad to hear that :) hope to see you onboard soon!


Just got my boarding pass departing April 19th! FVE and Southwest Booking are amazing! Go fly and book a flight with them!


Happy to hear. I am the assistant of the booking director at SWV :)


We are very proud here at FVE to be your cabin crew during this flight. Unfortunately, cabin drinks are not complimentary save for a glass of water with ice. You can purchase beverages and food by private messaging myself or another FVE staff member.
You can also utilize LiveFlight and track your flight, watching such features as length to go, altitude, and the likes.


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I just want to make a quick update in passing:

Frontier Expressways is releasing its Inflight Menu very shortly. I can’t wait to be able to supply it to people who book flights onboard. Just one more reason to check upit out ehh ;)
If you have any suggestions on what beers or wines you would like, please comment below or private message me a list.

Dayum, good job dude! Took me quite some time to read all of this ;)