Frontier Virtual Airlines

Hello everybody! If anyone is interested in joining a VA, here is the one for you! I am the President and Co-Owner of Frontier Virtual Airlines. On Instagram, we are @if.frontiervirtual. Please apply on the website in the bio, scroll down and you will see the application form. Thanks!

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Hi. I just checked the list of active reservations, and this VA is not on there.

To post in the VA Staff Request Thread (Prospective VA Staff Request Thread - #175 by Socata_1), you must be in the review process.

You can apply to the IFVARB and found out more information in this topic: The IFVARB Information Thread - 2020

VAs that are not IFVARB approved are not allowed. Thank you.

We submitted yesterday and received an email with our tracking number

Alright, then please use the Prospective Staff Request Thread. A new topic is not needed.

Link: Prospective VA Staff Request Thread - #175 by Socata_1

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