Frontier Virtual Airlines Is Shutting Down After Two Years - Effective Immediately

As an outsider, it’s been good!

Never been too into FVA myself, but always nice how you could count on your pilots to welcom us to Denver and so many other places, we wish you all the best in any future endevors! 😀👋


Daniel we miss you! And it is a sad but needed move.

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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We had some folks who didn’t like us ;)
But thank you for your kind wishes.


Very sad to see you guys go! You were a huge part of the community! Good luck in the future!


I did enjoy this VA, sad to see it go


My heart really is broken. I became great friends with everyone in FVA. This was the day I didn’t want to come. You guys taught me character, maturity, and enjoying who I am. Not to mention listing interesting facts about F9!

Very tough time right now. Thanks for everything. I hope that we can still chat on the IFC via PM.

@SkyHighGuys, Robert - We might’ve butted heads in the past, but it was out of true friendliness. You brought so much to this VA. Thanks for being my friend, counselor, and party pooper. 😜

@Cessna_Driver, Matt - Ah my Minneapolis pal. I’ll never forget your kindness and humbleness. Thanks for teaching us stuff regarding X-Plane, and stuff I didn’t even know about in aviation.

@Drew33950, Drew - Texas will always be better than Florida. Fact. Learning about your teenager years was wild and exotic, but you brought the laughs 24/7. December 2017 will never be forgotten. 😉

@OJFam, OJ-While we weren’t in the best relationship, I appreciate your willingness to work together and uplift this VA. Thanks!

@Tecnam2TA, Daniel- What do you take when you have stomach issues? Yes, you know. You were probably closest to me, and I’ll never forget you. I hope we can stick in touch!

@Dillion_Talks, Dillion- While you recently resigned from FVA, I appreciated having the privilege of guiding you through your most difficult times in your life, and the adversity you faced. Let’s stick in touch!

@AllegiantAir, Allegiant - Allegiant Air does have mechanical issues. Fact. United is better. Fact. Glad to be in contact with you, and thanks for all the laughs you brought to the team.

Hope I didn’t forget anybody! Thanks for letting me spend almost 7 months with this VA! Long live FVA!

One of the oldest pilots in FVA, and proud former pilot.


Sorry to hear about this - Good luck in the future!


For the little time that I was apart of this airline, I can say it was my favorite. Thanks for the dedication to perfection


Thanks mate! I appreciate the kind words.

Thank you for your kind words!

So sad to see my awesome VA end so suddenly. It’s been a great couple of months and I will forever remember the great time I had in this VA as Event Manager. Thanks to everyone who gave this VA a chance!

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Sad to see such a great VA close up. Wish you all the best.




Thank you Jake! See you out there :)


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