Frontier Virtual Airlines Is Shutting Down After Two Years - Effective Immediately

image Like a Mix Of the Desert and the Ocean?

Frontier Flight 643 took off from Las Vegas and landed in San Fran safely! We love seeing our pilots flying our FVA routes whether that be Airbus or our Bombardier Aircraft! What is your favorite route?



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Greetings to the IF Community,
I have just found out that all the forms on our website are not working for some reason. I will be investigating for a solution. I’m unsure how many people this has hindered from joining or how long it’s been going on, but if you have tried to apply and received an error message, please check back on our apply page. I added a temporary direct link to our main application form in the meantime. I apologize for this happening.

-FVA Co-CEO and Technician

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Daniel works quick and fast! Again to restate, if this has affected you please do not spam the application. You can DM me or comment below and we will get you squared away. Thank you for your patience everyone!

Or you can just go apply using the direct link I have posted on the apply page.

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But where’s the fun in that 🙃

Frontier Virtual Airline’s Main goal is to bring you amazing routes and destinations for low fares! Please join with us in welcoming Dayton Regional Airport in Ohio to the Frontier Family! Enjoy flying with low fares, nationwide!

Brand New Routes From Dayton:

Dayton (KDAY) - Colorado Springs (KCOS)
Dayton (KDAY) - Chicago Midway (KMDW)
Dayton (KDAY) - Appleton (KATW)

Updated FVA CRJ Destinations Map

Updated FVA CRJ Route Table


We are very excited to have IFATC patrolling our home state! Feel free to check any of our routes with the CRJ in the main thread. Or airbus map is available above as well!

If you’d like to join and fly in Denver with IFATC and warm flight time for FVA…apply now and I’ll have you in FVA within 1 hour of your application guaranteed tonight only!!

Just a few routes we offer in Denver here at FVA

(CRJ Routes)


Just finished an FVA flight EGE - DEN (which by the is an incredibly gorgeous route during the sunrise), and I couldn’t help but share my taxiing to Parking photos. Enjoy!

Taxiing on Foxtrot - Golf- AlphaAlpha with a Air Canada Jazz CRJ-900 taking off 35L

Taxiing on Foxtrot - Golf -AlphaAlpha with a FedEx MD-11F taking off behind the CRJ-900 on 35.

Sitting in the jumpseat during taxi to Parking. Amazing pilots for letting me in!

Deplaned at the gate and allowed to step back and take a gorgeous ramp shot with the BA 744 photo bombing ;)


Major Route Announcement for CRJ

Frontier Virtual Airlines is proud to announce we plan on expanding to 13 new cities and over 25 new routes! The actual route publication will take place this Saturday at 12 PM Mountain Time. Stay tuned and see if we are coming to an airport near you!

Major Announcment for our Bombardier Program

Frontier Virtual Airlines is proud to be a major airbus airline but we do like expanding our horizons. We recently accepted 50 orders of the Bombardier CRJ-700 and are now releasing our plans to purchase 17 CRJ-200s (Generic Livery) when it comes out. These smaller jets will provide better service between our shorter hops!


I think that was me photobombing you :)

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I’m happy to know now! Did you complete the flight to LHR?

yep. great flight, woke up right when it was time to descend.

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Frontier Virtual Airlines Bombardier Route Update

On behalf of Frontier Virtual I am proud to release our first major route system update for our Bombardier CRJ-700 series aircraft. The main document where you can find out entire CRJ route system is below but each airport and its respective cities are in drop downs as well. If you have any questions on a route or would like to see your airport or an airport you like featured in our next update, comment below!

Frontier Virtual Airlines CRJ Route System Document

Below are all the new airports we are now opening service to.

Akron RegionalAirport (KCAK)

Akron (KCAK) - Little Rock (KLIT)
Akron (KCAK) - Trenton (KTTN)
Akron (KCAK) - Dayton (KDAY)

Cheyenne Regional Airport (KCYS)

Cheyenne (KCYS) - Denver (KDEN)

Denver Rocky Mountain (KBJC)

Denver Rocky Mountain
Denver Rocky (KBJC) - Albuquerque (KABQ)

Durango Regional (KDRO)

Durango (KDRO) - Eagle (KEGE)
Durango (KDRO) - Denver (KDEN)

Farmington Four Corners Regional (KFMN)

Farmington (KFMN) - (Colorado Springs)
Farmington (KFMN) - Albuquerque (KABQ)
Farmington (KFMN) - Denver (KDEN)

Fort Myers International (KRSW)

Fort Myers
Fort Myers (KRSW) - Punta Gorda (KPGD)
Fort Myers (KRSW) - Nassau (MYNN)

Grand Junction Regional (KGJT)

Grand Junction
Grand Junction (KGJT) - Denver (KDEN)

Gunnison Regional (KGUC)

Gunnison (KGUC) - Denver (KDEN)

Hayden Regional (KDHN)

Hayden (KDHN) - Denver (KDEN)

London International (CYXU)

London (CYXU) - Chicago Midway (KMDW)
London (CYXU) - Manchester (KMHT)
London (CYXU) - Denver (KDEN)

Milwaukee (KMKE)

Milwaukee (KMKE) - Colorado Springs (KCOS)

Pocatello (KPIH)

Pocatello (KPIH) - San Jose (KSJC)
Pocatello (KPIH) - Denver International (KDEN)
Pocatello (KPIH) - Albuquerque (KABQ)

Pueblo Regional

Pueblo (KPUB) - Aspen (KASE)
Pueblo (KPUB) - Denver (KDEN)

Nassau Lynden (MYNN)

Nassau Lynden
Nassau (MYNN) - Punta Gorda (KPGD)
Nassau (MYNN) - Fort Myers (KRSW)

Washington Dulles (KIAD)

Washington Dulles
Washington Dulles (KIAD) - Washington Reagan (KDCA)

Washington Reagan (KDCA)

Washington Reagan
Washington Reagan (KDCA) - Washington Dulles (KIAD)
Washington Reagan (KDCA) - Richmond (KRIC)

These new routes may be flown effective the publication of this post! More routes and continual tweaking on our Bombardier program will continue! Thank you everyone for your support and for making FVA’s massive expansion possible! We are proud to be the largest carrier in Colorado serving over 8 destinations throughout the state alone!


Washington Dulles to Washington National? Interesting


We’re glad you’re enjoying the new update! The route you are referring to is the shortest VA certified flight to date. Enjoy it when you simply need a relaxing reposition or just want to try your luck in the DC airspace! Don’t get too close to the White House now ;)


Well, now that I know this isn’t a mistake, i guess I’ll be flying a flight in the same city

#Celebration! Thank you for your continued support Allegiant.

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And I thought that KDEN-KCOS was a bit short… :)

We strive to have all kinds of routes to fit your aviation mood at the time! Want a 6 hour flight? Try our MCO - SFO Airbus Flight. Want a 4 hour flight? Try our MCO - LAS Airbus flight. Want a 2 hour flight? Try our DEN - ATL Airbus flight. Want a 45 minute flight? Try our COS - ABQ CRJ flight. Want a 30 minute flight? Try our DEN - EGE flight. Want a 20 minute flight? Try our COS - DEN flight. Want a flight under 15 minutes? Try any of our ultra short haul routes but now including IAD - DCA.

These routes are made to include any length of route for whatever you wish. Unfortunately our DCA - IAD is only a summer seasonal flight but it will be enjoyable nonetheless!

Frontier Virtual Airlines is committed to giving you a care free yet family loving experience in the joy of Aviation! We realize we are not the biggest airline, but we have so much to offer! With routes spanning the west to east coast and international flights in Canada (2 destinations now up from 1) and multiple gorgeous hops available in Mexico and the Carribean, we hope we are living up to your expectations.
Have a lovely rest! There’s always something amazing in the morning ☕️

Are you down to party with the FVA crew? Watch as Frontier ramps up our party from the ramp!

A huge shoutout to an amazing family of incredible guys who have made my life through Aviation a trip I shall never forget! Thank you @Ivan , @Lorenz , @Mike , @AllegiantAir , and @CaptainDwyer for being such a wonderful group of friends and for committing to the internal flight tonight.

Frontier Ramping Up Our Style on the Ramp since 2016