Frontier Virtual Airlines Is Shutting Down After Two Years - Effective Immediately

I am interested in applying for one of these positions. How can I do so?

Please DM me with what position you want.

Thank you for our outreach and support during this time.

@Tecnam2TA has stepped down from his CO-CEO position and in his way the following incredible FVA pilots have stepped forward and been willing to take the responsibilities.
Thank you and join with me in giving Jules and @CaptainDwyer!


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce my new position and Event Coordinator at FVA!

After CVA closed, I went on a hunt for a good VA to find a home in, and let me tell you: the community here at FVA is outstanding! Everyone is very enthusiastic and the community is more active than any other VA I’ve seen before.

I will be working closely with everyone to plan fun events that will show the Frontier spirit! I looked forward to a good run here at FVA, and I thank you all for your time and consideration.

Capt. Dwyer

Event Coordinator, Frontier Virtual Airlines

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So happy have you onboard with us Dwyer!

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Please Take A Moment to Vote on the next Location for our newest Event Series titled:

A New Frontier

This event series will be exploring our forgotten airports all over the US, please vote for the next!

  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Cancun, Mexico

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Here is our Current Event:

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Yes, I am interested in joining. Can the person I need to speak with please pm me at their convenience… Thank u

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I have contacted you with all the info needed. We’ll be happy to have you aboard!

Good Morning Community!

The votes have rolled in throughout the past week, and we have made a decision to visit Cancun, Mexico for part two of our New Frontier event series.

I will be releasing the official thread for the event sometime this weekend.

Here is a preview for the layout of the event:

Server: Expert

Location: MMUN

Date: Saturday, June 30th

Time: TBD (expected 1500Z)

More plans will be released shortly. We hope to see you there.

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I’m so excited for this :D

Dear Forum Pilots/FDS Devs/ FVA Crew:

So this is what it feels like to look out over 2 years of accomplishments and feel not just sadness but also pride? This virtual airline has stood for family, friends, and a place where avgeeks can experience what it’s like to love together. It is with that in mind that I regret full heartedly to report…Frontier Virtual Airlines will cease to exist effective immediately! This change includes all logos, brands, aircraft rights, route systems, social media, and our forum page.

Now before you blow up our DMs let me answer some questions I know you’re thinking about.

Q Wait so what is happening to this Slack then and all the people?
A FVA will cease to exist but in its place will rise a new Aviation forum. These past few weeks FVA has almost not been a part of my life. And I know I’m not the only one. Too many of us just don’t have time to fly anymore. But we all share the love of Aviation and I know that love can keep us together.

Q So we’re still keeping the Slack?
A Yes

Q So what are we going to be called now?
A We are just going by the rebranding of “The Avgeeks Community Slack”

Q Will we be on the IFC at all?
A Negative. In fact we will be ceasing to operate in any way as an IF group. We will have a channel dedicated to Infinite Flight but it will only be a side channel.

Q What about ranks and staff? What’ll happen to that?
A Staff will remain the same just no longer bearing FVA names but now bearing our new forum names. All ranks will be deleted. You are now free to fly whatever the heck you want wherever in the world you want

Q So this is it huh? No more FVA? No more Frontier? BUT ROBERT YOU LOVE FRONTIER HOW COULD YOU?
A I love Frontier but in real life as a real life airline. It’s hard to get motivated anymore over a simulator.

Q Can we stick around and just be our normal funny selves in #offtopic-chat and all the other great channels? Nothing will change just our name and no more ranks restrictions?
A Exactly! It’s almost going to be like nothing has changed. Just enjoy your Aviation life, post weird photos in the designated channels, joke around, have fun, post awesome Aviation photos, and keep in touch with all here!

Q Will FVA Return?
A I have no doubt somewhere out there someone is waiting to rebuild this airline. But under the current leadership we do not plan on ever returning, to the forums or as an Infinite Flight branded Carrier.

This will be my last post regarding FVA. Henceforth FVA will be a thing of the past. Before I just end this bombshell of a post, I wanted to thank all of you for being your FVA best! Now let’s begin this new age with a confident stride and a smile on our faces! Aviation…here we come :airplane::sunglasses:


Do note if you want to join our fun Aviation and non IF-affiliated Slack look at the link in my profile (it will be up in a day or so) and send in an application. Nothing major just an email address so I can invite you in.

that was a fun ride! nothing like the va that we built up, greatest of all time for sure 🤙🏻


I truly believe no VA could ever reach what FVA had. But all good things come to an end. Thank you for your support as an FVA staff member. Now we look forward to the future.


So saddening to see such an outstanding virtual airline shut down. FVA will always hold a special spot within me. It’s forever changed my life. I’ve cherished every moment spent with my Frontier family. 🙂


Sad to see you guys go. I know you were very well loved within the community. Good luck in the future!

As an outsider, it’s been good!

Never been too into FVA myself, but always nice how you could count on your pilots to welcom us to Denver and so many other places, we wish you all the best in any future endevors! 😀👋


Daniel we miss you! And it is a sad but needed move.

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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We had some folks who didn’t like us ;)
But thank you for your kind wishes.