Frontier Virtual Airlines Is Shutting Down After Two Years - Effective Immediately

I am sorry you have had to wait. If you are not in by now it may mean your application was deemed not pass worthy and in such cases normally you’d receive an email stating why you didn’t pass. Let me contact our applications recruiter and see if he maybe missed or failed your application. Thank you for standing by.

You were sent multiple emails and an invitation to Slack a few days ago. The invitation was revoked since it wasn’t accepted within two days. I’ll DM you with more info.


image Don’t Crawl Away From This

As a General FVA update, our application form has just been drastically updated to fit our new rank and aircraft. Our test also has been expanded with more aviation involved questions to allow for us to ensure quality pilots make it through. So if you find yourself having an issue with any of the questions please DM me!


Oh deary me! I forgot to check my email. Sorry about that!


No worries :) we all make mistakes!

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image Want to Join the Grizzly Team as a Pilot?

Click the link below to head to our recruitment in Albuquerque, New Mexico 🇲🇽! We love seeing new faces both old and young, after all who doesn’t love seeing and witnessing friendships grow :)

Frontier CRJ Inaugural KABQ - KIWA Event

[Landed] Frontier Virtual CRJ Inaugural @ KABQ

Love our Fleet?

News flash…so do we 😜! You can help us expand our growing fleet to include so much more by sparing a vote below! #GrowFVA

I’ve been in FVA about 30 mins now, and i’m having a blast! The community is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Would recommend!


We absolutely love having you! You bring a lot of life to the party 😉 thank you! We hope you continue to enjoy it!

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How long does it normally take to get a reply on an application? Looking forward to flying some ABQ routes!

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It can take up to 48 hours. I try to wait until several applications are pending so I can review them all at once. It’s more time efficient that way. I’ll review yours today. Hope to see you on the other side soon!

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We look forward to welcoming you into the herd ;) can’t wait!!!

Frontier Virtual Airlines Airport of the Month:

Today marks the start of a series of posts sharing not well known airfields that Frontier flies into, whether it be in our Airbus or Bombardier fleet. I do hope you enjoy!

On behalf of @Dillion_Talks who is based near Aberdeeen, South Dakota, it is my pleasure to announce our first airport.

Aberdeen in Real Life
Aberdeen Regional Airport is a small airport in Aberdeen South Dakota. Aberdeen Regional Airport covers an area of 1,284 acres at an elevation of 1,302 feet above mean sea level. It has two runways: 13/31 is 6,901 by 100 feet (2,103 x 30 m) with a concrete surface; 17/35 is 5,500 by 100 feet (1,676 x 30 m) with an asphalt surface. For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2007, the airport had 52,421 aircraft operations, an average of 143 per day: 81% general aviation, 13% scheduled commercial, 6% air taxi and <1% military. At that time there were 50 aircraft based at this airport: 62% single-engine, 30% multi-engine, 6% jet and 2% helicopter.

The passenger terminal is one of four terminals in South Dakota that boasts a moving jet bridge, the other three being Sioux Falls Regional Airport, Rapid City Regional Airport, and Pierre Regional Airport. The loading bridge allows passengers to board the aircraft from directly inside the terminal and right onto the aircraft without having to walk outside. As of March 2018, Delta Connection is the only commercial airline currently operating out of Aberdeen Regional Airport, providing jet only service on daily flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul on their Canadair Regional Jet 200!

Aberdeen in Infinite Flight:

Aberdeen is served by two Virtual Airlines currently, both offering service on the Canadian Bombardier CRJ. Delta Virtual Airlines offers service between Aberdeen and Minneapolis Saint Paul while Frontier Virtual Airlines offers service to multiple destinations including Denver and Appleton.

Infinite Flight only offers 1 commercial gate.

While it is a regional and relatively unused airport by Infinite Flight users, it has a special place at Frontier Virtual and will continue to connect many Dakotans to Colorado, New Mexico, and Wisconsin with more planned routes.

Frontier Virtual Airlines: Aberdeen Route SetUp:

Aberdeen (KABR) - Denver (KDEN)
Aberdeen (KABR) - Appleton (KATW)
Aberdeen (KABR) - Albuquerque (KABQ)


How Much Do Our Pilots Enjoy FVA?

Check out FVA Pilot @AllegiantAir ‘s YouTube channel as he brings live streams of FVA and IF! A huge shoutout to him for hosting us :)


image Like a Mix Of the Desert and the Ocean?

Frontier Flight 643 took off from Las Vegas and landed in San Fran safely! We love seeing our pilots flying our FVA routes whether that be Airbus or our Bombardier Aircraft! What is your favorite route?



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Greetings to the IF Community,
I have just found out that all the forms on our website are not working for some reason. I will be investigating for a solution. I’m unsure how many people this has hindered from joining or how long it’s been going on, but if you have tried to apply and received an error message, please check back on our apply page. I added a temporary direct link to our main application form in the meantime. I apologize for this happening.

-FVA Co-CEO and Technician

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Daniel works quick and fast! Again to restate, if this has affected you please do not spam the application. You can DM me or comment below and we will get you squared away. Thank you for your patience everyone!

Or you can just go apply using the direct link I have posted on the apply page.

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But where’s the fun in that 🙃

Frontier Virtual Airline’s Main goal is to bring you amazing routes and destinations for low fares! Please join with us in welcoming Dayton Regional Airport in Ohio to the Frontier Family! Enjoy flying with low fares, nationwide!

Brand New Routes From Dayton:

Dayton (KDAY) - Colorado Springs (KCOS)
Dayton (KDAY) - Chicago Midway (KMDW)
Dayton (KDAY) - Appleton (KATW)

Updated FVA CRJ Destinations Map

Updated FVA CRJ Route Table


We are very excited to have IFATC patrolling our home state! Feel free to check any of our routes with the CRJ in the main thread. Or airbus map is available above as well!

If you’d like to join and fly in Denver with IFATC and warm flight time for FVA…apply now and I’ll have you in FVA within 1 hour of your application guaranteed tonight only!!

Just a few routes we offer in Denver here at FVA

(CRJ Routes)