Frontier Virtual Airlines Is Shutting Down After Two Years - Effective Immediately

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Welcome to a brand new thread and a brand new life at Frontier Virtual Airlines (FVA). With staff changes, rank changes, and a gorgeous new aircraft in our fleet, life is moving at a wonderful rate for those of us at FVA. Our fun loving staff and dedicated pilots prove that FVA is not a ULCC to mess with! If you would like to join FVA just scroll on down to the bottom and hit that apply link. We truly are excited to begin a new Aviation chapter with you!

What does a lion call an antelope? Fast Food

Meet your “antelope” quick staff!

@Cessna_Driver - CO-CEO of Frontier Virtual Airlines / FVACast CoHost
@Tecnam2TA - CO-CEO of Frontier Virtual Airlines / YouTube Manager
@Infinite.flight - FVACast Host / Routes Manager / Slack Advisor
@Drew33950 - Slack Manager / FVACast Regular

What Virtual Airline do hares fly? Why Frontier Virtual ”Hare”lines

Frontier Virtual Airlines ProBoards Community

Frontier Virtual has our own little resort where we enjoy hanging out with each other. Here you’ll find a bunch of “hop”timus Staff ;)

Frontier Virtual ProBoards Link

What Are The Requirements for Joining the Devlish Skulk?
  • Must Be 13 years of age before applying, this includes if you’re turning 13 soon to applying.
  • Must Have Grade 2 and a minimum of 15,000 XP to join
  • Landing to Violation ratio may not be more than 50:50
  • Must have a valid IFC account and cannot have been blacklisted or banned from the IFC.

Our Animal Filled Fleet

Bombardier CRJ - 700 (Bear the Cub)

Airbus A318 (Chloe the Fawn)

image Airbus A319 (Generic Livery)

image Airbus A320 (Hue, Colorado, Alberta & Clipper, Ozzy, and Sheldon)

image Airbus A321 (Virginia the Wolf)

What Ranks Do We Have?

Frontier Virtual is proud to boast an expansive Airbus fleet with 11 Current Bombardier CRJ-700 series Aircraft delivered and over 50 more on order.

PLEASE NOTE: The CRJ and Airbus route set up are completely different.

Trainee Rank: Bombardier CRJ-700

This aircraft is accessible to ALL pilots upon joining our airline. All you need t do is join and boom our only nonAirbus aircraft is available for your pleasure. Please note YOU MAY NOT Log our regular Airbus Routes with this Aircraft. The CRJ Route network is available down further

Trainee Rank: Airbus A318

This aircraft is accessible as soon as you join! You may log any of our Airbus routes with this baby bus.

First Officer Rank: Airbus A319

This Airbus A319 is acceisble only at First Officer Rank which is opened at 10 hours logged flight time. This aircraft may be flown with our Airbus routes.

Senior First Officer Rank: Airbus A320

All five of these gorgeous animals may be unlocked upon clearing 25 hours of flight time! Woooooo as our Coyote and wolf friends would say ;). This aircraft may be logged with our Airbus route system.


Captain Rank: Airbus A321

Our largest and most luxurious of the fleet, the Airbus A321 boasts the modern green livery. It can be unlocked upon reaching 40 hours! This aircraft may be logged with our Airbus route system.

Don’t Be Lazy Like This Lynx! Fly the Many Routes We Offer!
  1. Just discovered Frontier Virtual? Be sure to click on the above link to our website before heading to our “Routes” page.
  2. Scroll down to our Airbus route pag. It’s an interactive page. This means you can click on any of the pegs and see what destinations we offer from them.
  3. Click the link below to access our easy to use Airbus route map! Frontier Virtual Airlines Route Map
  4. If you are looking to fly our CRJ Route map, the map is show below!

Frontier Virtual Airlines Bombardier CRJ Destinations Map

City to City Route Chart

Please know that you may not use this route map with any of our Airbus aircraft. Such failed flights will be removed.

The Wolf Pack: Partners in Crime

Where would our lovely Lobo the Wolf be without his fun loving pack of friends? Below are the members of the Frontier Wolf Pack and are fully fledged and recognized partners in crime ;)

North American Air Traffic Control

*North American Air Traffic Control or (NAATC) is led by the incredible @OJFam and is a good and loyal member of the Pack. Below is the link to join and a link to their website and a little blurb from Justin himself!

Welcome to the North American Air Traffic Control website! NAATC is Verbal Air Traffic Control Group for Infinite Flight. Feel free to click any of the pages above to see our different staff members, how to apply, and our origins. On behalf of our staff and controllers, welcome aboard!

North American Air Traffic Control Main Thread

North American Air Traffic Control Recruitment Page

Mesa Virtual: CRJ Done Right

Welcome to the latest and best regional carrier! Mesa Virtual is run by the esteemed @ElCapitan and his own pack of clever staff! The links below will lead you to their main website and recruitment page as well as give you a little blurb about why Mesa is the best regional carrier! Take it away ElCapitan :)

Welcome! We are a virtual airline based on the regional carrier Mesa Airlines. With our live routes database and premium operations center, we offer a unique experience for all Virtual Pilots. With multiple commercial pilots on our staff, we offer the most realistic experience.

Mesa Virtual Home Page

Mesa Virtual Recruitment Station

Porter Air Virtual

Porter Air VA was the first VA of the new year and the oldest VA so far! A huge wolffish grin and coyote like howl for the amazing @MisterButler and his staff for making this Canadian VA so amazing! You have the podium Butler!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve gone, and now it’s time for a change. A big big change. Our goal is to be a standout VA with a professional environment. To become the best Infinite Flight based Virtual Airline. Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

Porter Air Virtual Website

Porter Air Virtual Recruitment Stand

WestSky Virtual

Led by COO @N1RG and CEO by Patrick Barton, WestSky is a regional virtual airline that prides itself on “Regional On Time”!

Welcome to WestSky Airlines. WestSky Airlines was founded by Patrick Barton on December 12th, 2017. As a regional guy, he wanted to create an airline that flew all regional jets without any copyright infractions.

WestSky Website Link

WestSky Application Page

Virgin Australia Virtual Airlines

What would a good Pack be without allowing in a mix of friends and foreign wolvish kind! Please join with me in welcoming our newest partner in the pack led by the account @australian_aviator where you can find all the reasons why they are the best Austrailian Pack!

Here at Virgin Australia VA we strive for professionalizm and realism. We need you and here and we will strive to bring the best out of our pilots and in the auzzie spirt we will not stop until you are the best that you can be. Virgin Australia brought over 23 million people into Australia in 2017 and we are aiming even higher this year and to go higher we will be opening new and exotic destinations around the globe.

Virgin Australia VA Website

Virgin Australia VA Recruitment Link

image Ready to Join?

Still not joined yet? What are you waiting for? Click the link below and we’ll meet you in our slack animal style!


Still have Questions? Otter down!

Have Questions? We have answers! Please never hesitate to ask us any questions. It makes our day and night to help you out! Comment below or send a DM to anyone listed as staff above. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!


This new thread is absolutely amazing! Proud to be a FVA pilot!


We really appreciate your comment! Thank you for your continued support!

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@SkyHighGuys This is Amazing! Wish I could do something like this for my VA, but I only have generic Airplanes lol.
Proud to be a part of this awesome VA!


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Haha awesome new thread guys! Good job to the team for putting together! Very well done!
Good luck from FedEx Express Virtual!

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