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I know I will be applying

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Frontier Virtual Airlines is getting ready to release our very first publication for our new Frontier VA Newsletter! Below are some of the options you can read about in the upcoming letter dedicated to Frontier Virtual Expressways!

Frontier Virtual Expressways Headlines

  • Frontier Virtual Expressways to launch 15 new regional routes to various destinations

  • Denver to open more gates for FVE and what gates they are

  • Frontier Expressways updated stats

  • Frontier Expressways Cargo to begin launching cargo flights.

  • NEWEST UPDATE: FVE makes deal with Bombardier for 7 new Bombardier CRJ-700 series Aircraft. Read more about this deal!

Those and more headlines are raging through our new newsletter set to officially publish on January 1st.
If you’d like to receive an emailed copy of this newsletter, please DM me with a “hello” and your email address. You will be added to our automatic email.
If you’d like to cancel your subscription at any time, simply message myself!

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Beautiful departure on FFT621 nonstop service to Las Vegas departing off of 34R, a rare departure for FVA as usually our go to runways are the 17s and 25.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver International Airport?


Aviation Airways loves the fact that DEN has very long runways, which allows us to fly anywhere in the world :)!

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We are kind of super stoked about those runways too ;)

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If you do like to attend and fly in the name of FVA or FVE, consider heading over there before it’s to late :)

Also we are still accepting subscriptions to our brand new Newsletter! If you’d like to subscribe, simply DM me.

Today is the very last day you can sign up to receive the amazing and hard worked on Frontier VA January Edition Newsletter, designed to increase your knowledge of the behind the scenes actions here at FVA and FVE.

If you’d like to subscribe, please DM me with your email :)
Happy New Year to everyone.

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Happy New Year to Flying Development Studios and to the forums. It has been a huge absolutely huge time for Frontier Virtual Airlines. We have so many things to be thankful for including:

  1. Global
  2. Frontier Airlines liveries on the Airbus A320
  3. The introduction of Frontier Expressways
  4. Newsletter kickoff
  5. And of course the promise of a CRJ JetExpress livery!

What are your favorite moments of Infinite flight and the forums?


The last 2017 departure and arrival for FVE!

Last Expressways Flight into COS of 2017:

Frontier Expressways 1162 (Dash8 Q-400) servicing KDRO-KCOS which landed at 10:17PM MST, 2017.

Last Expressways Flight out of COS of 2017

Frontier Expressways 508 (E190) servicing KCOS-KDEN took off at 10:07 PM MST, 2017.

If you’d like to join this amazing subsidiary which is getting its own livery soon, consider applying :)

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Happy New Years from all of us at Aviation Airways! Our last departure and arrival for 2017 was AV112 from KDEN-KMHT, a Boeing 767-300 that arrived on time :)

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Glad to hear the onetime arrival! A huge happy New Years to our partners over there at Aviation Airways :)

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Frontier Virtual Airlines wishes you an incredible 2018 start. Happy New Year and a jolly good rest of your holiday. We’ll see you either in our slack or on the tarmac! Frontier VA, Home Of Low Fares Done Right, Our Policy!

Let’s look to this brand new year as a brand new slate. It’s time we changed the world around us!


Go to TS1 KISP you might see some inbound Frontier flights ;) #ForJack

Edit: Did you like what you saw? I thought of you when we planned to do some ISP routes tonight. Thanks for stopping by.


Quite Beautiful!!

Your photographer happened to catch some pretty good shots while “spotting” at ISP to watch the first landings of Frontiers new ATL-ISP Route!


My gosh 😱 so beautiful! Thank you for “spotting” us land.


Credit for photo to F9 Facebook

Frontier VA is very proud to offer over 70 destinations from our central hub at Denver International Airport. We are always looking for more pilots who love a wonderful Mountain View and one of the best airports in existence.
If that’s you, feel free to apply today!!


Frontier Virtual ExpressJet is growing quickly with an additional 9 pilots joining within the last week. If you find yourself loving Frontier VA but not wanting to fly our 3-4 hour routes, consider joining FVE and continuing that family atmosphere while also enjoying the shorter routes offered :)

Most Popular Route of the Week:

JacksonHole - Colorado Springs

Honorable Mention

Durango - Colorado Springs.

With the expected CRJ comingunder the name JetExpress, our staff has come together along with all 50 of our active pilots and we have moved to put the motion into place and change our FVE name from:

Frontier Virtual Expressways —> Frontier Virtual ExpressJet.

This name will not impact any type of flights, activity, logs, or any events held in the name of FVE. All callsign, acronyms, and the likes will remain the same. This name is a simple change to put us more similarly to our upcoming CRJ-700 Frontier JetExpress.
~ Robert (CEO of FVA & FVE)

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Make sure you check out this incredible YT video by none other than @Tecnam2TA . A huge thank you for his patience in putting this together.

If you haven’t yet, consider subscribing to our channel for more and jus as awesome content ;)


The beautiful KABQ!!! 😍

Next time try to get that beautiful mountain #SandiaPeak

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I will do my best to get some better mountain action next time! Thank you for your support :)

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