Frontier Virtual Airlines I Update

Frontier Virtual Airlines
Active as of: September 26th, 2016.
Current Number Of Pilots: 42 in Slack
Current Hours Logged This Month: 116.23 hours
Application Status: OPEN

Frontier Virtual Airlines Staff:
Infinite.Flight. - CEO and Founder
Technam2ta - CO-CEO and Youtube Manager
Captain_Matt - Advisor
Mike - Slack Manager
Drew - Slack Manager

Merry Christmas everyone! It I should my utmost pleasure to welcome everyone to Frontier Virtual Airline’s Newest Thread. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or problems please DM me to keep the comment section clear and available.
Without further ado, I open the doors to Frontier Virtual Airlines: Home Of Low Fares Done Right!

A special thanks to @Tecnam2TA our website genius and developer who has put an incredible amount of effort into making it look splendid. Do us a favor and check it out and give us a rating on our website. You can also PM myself or him if you have comments on the website or if you’re getting errors trying to find it.

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In this website shown above you can find any of the following. But for those simply needing a short cut answer to a deep question, you can find our aircraft and hubs below.

2017-2018 Hubs (Active as of December, 2017)

Denver International Airport: Main hub for the A320
Colorado Springs Municipal Airport: Main hub for the A318

Cincinnati North Kentucky International Airport: Primary Secondary Hub
Las Vegas Macarren International Airport: Secondary Hub
Orlando International Airport: Secondary Hub

*These hubs are where you will find the majority of our flights to and from various airports.

Routes (Active as of December, 2017)

Frontier Virtual Airlines follows the real world routes that Frontier Airlines (the real world counterpart) flies.
Please note FVA does not pretend to own any rights, logos, slogans, or copyrighted material that belongs to Frontier Airlines itself.

Use the link above to find any route we operate. If you can find it on that link provided, you can find us flying it :)

Frontier Virtual Airlines Plus Youtube Channel

Welcome to our YouTube channel where you can find many different core components that make up this channel. From podcast episodes, to real world aviation, to Infintie Flight trip Reports, to promotional content, we have it all!

Trip Reports

Frontier Virtual Podcast Episodes 1-13

Youtube Channel Staff:
@Tecnam2TA : Head Of Channel
@Infinite.flight : Video Provider
@Cessna_Driver : Video Provider

Frontier Virtual Airlines Official Instagram Page:

A huge thanks to Captain_Matt for running our official Instagram page. Make sure to follow it for amazing photos and stories updatedom your page frequently!


Welcome to the Frontier Virtual Expressways portion of this page. You may be wondering why it has its own completely devoted section of FVA and not it’s own thread. We as staff at FVA decided that as a subsidiary to FVA, Frontier Virtual Expressways (FVE) was not big enough or in high enough demand for it to be devoted its own thread.
Launched Production: December 25th, 2017 @ midnight
Current Pilot Numbers: 0
Current Staff: 2
Current Flight Log: 0

Frontier Virtual Expressway’s Staff:
Infinite.Flight — CEO and Founder
Tecnam2ta — Staff


Welcome to Frontier Virtual Expresways, Your Ticket Home: we are a subsidiary for Frontier Virtual Airlines.
You can find our FVE pilots utilizing some pretty dang awesome new features that Frontier Virtual Airlines was limited to.

Frontier Expressways Regional Fleet

Frontier Virtual Expressways operates a regional fleet with contracts to Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer.

Dash8Q400: Operating on coastal flights
Embrear 175: Operating on Mountain Hops and international travel
Airbus A318: Flying corporate staff and leased passengers throughout our hubs.

Frontier Expressways Cargo Fleet

Frontier Virtual Expressways is branching away from our mother carrier FVA, and bringing in some cargo routes and some giant cargo beasts with contracts to Boeing and leased DC-10 and MD-11 aircraft from FedEx.

Boeing B777-200F: Cargo Routes
DC-10F : Cargo Routes
MD-11F: Cargo Routes

Frontier Expressways Booking Process_

The last time we had Expressways in service we were happy to have a booking department and Flight Attendent Service. As of now, we will most likely resume that with the new year but we want to slowly begin this airline so we don’t rush anything.

Frontier Expressways Trademarked Snacks Menu

Frontier Virtual Expressways Trademarked Beverage Menu

Frontier Virtual Airlines and Frontier Virtual Expressways Code Of Conduct

Valid as of December 24th at 10:00 PM MDT, Frontier VA and Frontier Expressways have come together and formed a brand new contract and code that will help dictate and govern our methods of pilot punishment or staff discipline.

Why are you making a book of rules to punish people?
If you think about it, every VA has a rough idea of what to do when a pilot or staff steps out of line, we ain’t to be the first VA to put it down on paper so every pilot knows what is expected of him and knows exactly what happens and how far “okay” is.
This will also ensure we as staff do not act out of line. You as a pilot now have something to show us whenever you believe we have violated our own rules.

Frontier Virtual Airlines/Expressways Code Of Conduct (warning: lengthy)

Frontier Virtual Airlines 2018 Policies

To any Virtual Airlines, Virtual Groups, and single pilots seeking to join, below are the said Policies, restrictions, and actions to be taken in the event of disciplinary actions by FVA/FVE staff toward personal affiliated or non-affiliated with the Frontier Virtual Airline company.

Title 1: Application Process

Section I

Article A) Pilots joining FVA must complete application form prior to being accepted.

Article B) Pilots seen as posting offensive/negative/counter-productive applications will not be tolerated and may be considered for blacklist placement under the Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines Regulatory Board (IFVARB).

Article C) Pilots posting bribes will not be accepted and will be directed toward the IFVARB.

Title 2: Interaction with Fellow Pilots

Section I: Staff Responsibilities

Article A) Upon any pilot’s acceptance and induction into current app used for communication, it is up to any staff active at that point or who see that a new pilot joined, to welcome the user.

Article B) Staff are required to contact any new pilots in a private message giving him/her a new user personal welcome message.

Article C) Staff are required to monitor and patrol all slack channels and ensure that pilots are being cooperative with any active Slack rules.

Article D) All events must have at least one staff member present to report on current, active pilots and ensure all pilots are behaving with the maturity of an expert-level pilot.

Article E) Every staff member has the right to order any level of pilot to show their log book.

Article F) In the event that a pilot swears with malicious intent, sexually abuses, bullies, intimidates, falsifies flight logs, lies to a staff member on a serious matter, mocks IFVARB or IF mods, or mocks any or all of staff/pilots at Frontier Virtual Airlines/Frontier Virtual Expressways, the offending pilot retracts any right to a hearing or lawful dispute between staff. The pilot will be terminated immediately and will no longer be allowed to rejoin either VA and has the possibility of being placed on the Blacklist.

Section II: Pilot Responsibilities

Article A) Upon joining, every single pilot is required to complete the new pilot sign in and registering process which includes but is not limited to: choosing your callsign, registering as a FVA pilot, etc.

Article B) You, as a pilot, are required to maintain a 4 hour flight log per week.

Article C) As a pilot for FVA, it is under your best interests to promote and uphold your standing in Frontier Virtual with professional air. Any pilot bullying or breaking Infinite Flight community rules outside of the VA, will be terminated for violation of this article as you are not upholding and showing your VA in good light.

Article D) Pilots for FVA/FVE are not currently (as of December 19th, 2017) required to attend any sponsored events. But if it becomes mandatory, you will receive an notice in your DM and are required to show up for the event. The only excuses that will be tolerated are: family engagement, sports event, homework. Any further excuses will be determined as evasive actions by the pilot and said pilot may forfeit a week’s flight time and other punishments.

Article F) A pilot has the right to a lawful trial with staff and an IFVARB representative if they wish and are under the possibility of facing removal from the airline. Any pilot found violating Title 2, Section 1, Article F Of this document forfeits that right to a trial.

Section III: Harassment Policy

Article A) Any pilot, staff, partnered/codeshares/merged VA found harassing a VA, organization, moderator, staff member, and/or another pilot will have their contract/pilot agreement terminated and made void immediately.

Article B) Harassment includes: cyber bullying, interaction with intent to humiliate, blackmailing, bribing, giving incorrect information with knowledge that information is not correct, lying or “fudging” truth to derail or change the focus of FVA/another group with intent to hide or block information from benefiting the group.

Article C) Anyone found violating any part of this Section will be directed toward the IFVARB and possible blacklisting.

Article III: Frontier Virtual/Expressways Responsibilities

Section I: In Relation to Infinite Flight Community

Article A) Any FVA/FVE Staff are required to keep a positive, professional, and mature attitude while interacting with pilots and moderators on the forums. Any staff who violates this article has the right for a trial before FVA/FVE/IF Mods/IFVARB Representatives as they so see fit. If they do not wish a trial then continuation with disciplinary actions will ensue.

Article B) Any Pilots Of these VAs who do not carry themselves with professionalism and maturity as befits an FVA/FVE pilot, they have the right to a trial before FVA/FVE/IF Mods/IFVARB Representatives as they so see fit. If they do not wish a trial then the continuation with disciplinary actions will ensue.

Active Event Sign Up Form


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All photos are reserved in right to their respective owners at Balloon chaser also has the right side to the very last photo of the A318 landing.


If you think we missed something or have a question for us, I will becaround tomorrow for a little bit out of my vacation to answer questions :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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By the time this happens it won’t be Christmas in Nz anymore lol

lovely VA and well set up. might join now.

That’s um perfectly fine I guess haha

Our applications are closed until December 26th. Feel free to apply at that date :)

(Also thank you so much for the compliment!)

Great group individuals thank you for the oppurtunity to fly with FVA

Yah I saw that when I tried too apply. Oh well. I can wait

It is our completely pleasure good sir :) Merry Christmas.

I felt my staff deserved a break for the holiday. Can’t wait to have you in our slack soon :)

I completely agree. Most VAs I think are having a day off

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Can’t wait to be flying with Frontier Express and great job @Tecnam2TA

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We cannot wait to welcome you onboard! Merry Christmas :)

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Merry Christmas to u 2

For those who haven’t seen yet, Frontier is officially confirmed on the CRJ release. While I definitely didn’t expect it and actually didn’t think it would come with this livery, I can now say I am very happy!

Frontier Virtual Expressways has its own livery on the CRJ when this update comes out and boy am I going to have some fine with it! Keep an eye on this thread or the other tracking threads as we at FVE get pumped and excited to welcome our soon to be newest addition to the VAs.


Congratulations!!! I’m glad my feature request Helped!

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Dude you are incredible and I’m very surprised that this livery is coming. Thank you for creating the features thread! Merry Christmas my friend :)

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Merry Christmas to you too! Frontier is the best!

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We at FVA/FVE are very excited with the way our airlines are going at this moment. But for those who weren’t able to see our previous messages in the old thread, applications are down until December 26th at 12:00AM.

With the new CRJ Frontier livery confirmed, both our applications have begun to blow up with an insane amount of people trying to apply. If you are considering applying please read the following:

  1. My staff and I are currently not accepting applications until December 26th. Currently, our applications documents are locked and closed. So if you try and pplyyou’ll get a message saying we aren’t accepting applications and we will open them back up first thing at midnight MDT.

  2. Second thing, with this massive increase in applications comes lots of time reading and trying to ensure each pilot entering knows their basics and can keep mature. So once applications are opened expect an increased delay of 2-3 business days for your application to be either rejected or accepted.

  3. Once you apply tomorrow, please bare with us and be patient as you may not actually enter our slack until 28th-29th depending on how far in our list you are.

That’s all from me! Thank you for your support everyone. We are just as pumped and excited to see the Frontier love growing :)

Real World Aircraftimage


Fronier Expressways Aircraft image

  • Having the CRJ makes me more inclined to join FVE now that you have an actual livery
  • Having the CRJ is great for you guys but I’m still neutral on joining.

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Applications are officially reopened.

Again, before applying, do expect an increased and abnormal delay of numbers between 2-3 business days. Most of my staff and I are coming back to full time work here at FVA/FVE and we are still settling back in.
Any serious questions please comment below.