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Welcome to the brand new 2018 Frontier Virtual Airlines Community Thread! We hope this is a place where you can find out about this incredible VA and if, you so decide, join and fly the skies under the Frontier Family logo!

image Staff and Board of Directors:

@Infinite.flight - Acting Chief Executive Officer
@Tecnam2TA - Acting CO Chief Executive Officer
@Cessna_Driver - Acting Chief Advisor

@Drew33950 - Acting Slack Manager
@OJFam - Acting Slack Manager and FVRadar Advisor

image Frontier Virtual Community Forums

If you’d like to attend just click on this link and register! We’ll see you in the forums :D

image Our Fleet as of March 13th, 2018:

Frontier Virtual Airlines is proud to play ownership of a total of 8 liveries (one of which has not yet arrived).

Airbus A318 Chloe the Fawn: The Airbus A318 long played a steady part in our fleet since 2016. This aircraft was phased out and replaced with the more reliable Airbus a319 but is making its own comeback and rejoining our fleet.

Airbus A318 Chloe the Fawn Photo

Airbus A319 Generic: The Airbus A319 has not received as much love due to its existence as the only aircraft now in our fleet with no F9 livery. But you can still see that one brave pilot flying it! We call this game Finding Generic.

Airbus A319 Generic Livery Photo


Airbus A320 Sheldon, Ozzy, Hugh, Colorado, and the Alberta and Clipper Livery: The backbone to our fleet, our five liveries are sported on the Airbus A320 is our most used aircraft as of the publication of this post and continues to hold that spot by a massive leap.

Airbus A320 Five Livery Photo

Sheldon the Sea Turtle

Ozzy the Killer Whale

Hugh the Manatee

Colorado the Ram

Alberta and Clipper the Polar Bears

Airbus A321-211 Virginia the Wolf: The brand new A321 Virginia the Wolf livery will be accepted with open arms into our VA. This will account for the largest of our aircraft.

Airbus A321 Virginia the Wolf Photo

Bombardier CRJ-700: Our upcoming livery on the brand new CRJ will be a huge improvement for us!

Bombardier CRJ-700 Photo

image Our Route System as of March 13th, 2018:

Thanks to Daniel our Tech Guru and all around good guy, we now have a sophisticated route system that will allow you to find your nearest destination a click easier. What does it take?

  1. Find the airport we fly from and you want to depart from.
  2. Click on the pin whether it be green, blue, or orange.
  3. Any and all destinations we offer from that airport will be displayed under “destinations”.
    Easy To Use Frontier Virtual Airlines Route Map


image News Table:

Here you will find updates we have in progress. If you are unsure of something, be sure to check this area out first before asking, in case your question was answered.

03/13/18 Update on Frontier Virtual ExpressJet’s Bankruptcy: Frontier Virtual ExpressJet has officially closed its doors and re-leased its aircraft back to Lynx Aviation and the Bone Yards. Frontier Virtual Airlines has made room in its system to allow for the remaining fleet to be rented for FVA use.

image Frontier Virtual Ranking system (Hot Off the Press):

Frontier Virtual Airlines has long stood for leniency and a calm place to just relax. Now we have made it so you can do exactly that while also working to achieve higher goals! No longer must you fly just for fun. now you can fly in your spare time when we cannot fly with you and work your way up.

Ranking System As Shown:

  • Trainee Pilot = Default Aircraft is the Airbus A318
  • First Officer = 10 hours flight time in the A318/A319
  • Senior First Officer = 20 hours flight time in the A318/A319/A320
  • Captain = 30 hours flight time in the A318/A319/A320/A321
  • Senior Captain = 40 hours flight time in the A318/A319/A320/A321/CRJ700
  • Senior Officer = 100 hours flight time in any of our allowed aircraft (benefits included)

Now you may be asking what this means. Below is a FAQ we have compiled just for you!

FAQ Dropdown

Q: Will you be able to fly only the A318 as a Trainee Pilot?

A: Yes

Q: Are we allowed to fly the CRJ as a Trainee Pilot?

A: No. As you pass each requirement for each aircraft, you will “unlock” the next aircraft. For example, in order to unlock the Airbus A319 you must fly a minimum of 10 hours in the simulator and have your logbook proof as well as your PIREP proof. Once you can prove this, you will meet the standards and graduate to First Officer. In order to pass FO requirement you must fly an additional 10 hours. and so on and so forth. Once you unlock an aircraft you can fly it and all the previous aircraft. So by the time you reach the Airbus A321 you will be able to fly our entire fleet at your leisure except for the CRJ-700.

Q: So do we have to fly 10 hours for the A318 and 10 more for the A319? So 20 hours total just to get the A319? BS!

A: Nope! We like to make it a lot easier on you guys ;) . Once you hit the 10 hour mark on the A318, you have unlocked the A319! No grinding needed ;)

image If you have any further questions for us, please do not hesitate to comment below or DM any of the tagged individuals mentioned in our staff listing at the very top of this thread.
Thank you very much for reading all of this. I’m sure you deserve credit for it :)


Oh this looks amazing. Good luck! Also, your images on the thread aren’t working


I myself can see the images.

This virtual airline is going to be really successful. I can feel it.

Btw, are you IFVARB approved?


Well, it must just be me

Yes, Frontier was always IFVARB approved. They just made a new thread


We have been around since before the IFVARB was even a concept my friend ;)

To answer your question though, absolutely! We are very much approved.


You guys are absolutely amazing. Your staff are the friendliest people I have ever met. Your liveries and routes are gorgeous. I’m flabbergasted at the professionalism and effort put into this VA, and the merriest of wishes from me moving forward. Keep it up dear friends!


Great thread! The new liveries will make a great addition to your fleet.


Constantly growing, glad to see the effort all of you have been putting into this VA over the past couple months. Best of wishes in the future!

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Loving the change to an amazing VA I am happy to be apart of

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Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours for Frontier VA! Good-luck to all pilots and hopefully we’ll see you in the skies very shortly!

Qantas Virtual Group

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Thank you very much for your kind words! Sorry for the late reply as you know in Slack it’s exploding with questions and very happy people :D

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Thank you very much Reedgreat! I’m glad to hear your kind comments!

Justin my pilot friend amongst none other…thank you :) we truly appreciate your kind words. See you in Slack and in the skies.

A huge thanks to all of you at Qantas Virtual. We appreciate the support.

I meant to reply to all of you a while ago but I’ve been so busy with this new rank system and explaining it to our pilots and reworking by our application form that it’s taking me a lot longer to do my normal rounds. So I apologize if I don’t like and comment to your kind words everyone in a reasonable time.


Had to say… that was a pretty active VA. Goodjob with the thread. Here’s a question for you. What does the VA plan to do in the future whether it be partnerships or revamping the entire virtual airline. Emphasize on that question a little bit, see you soon.

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  1. Partnerships: We have some plans in the work including a possible partnership with some airlines and the possible creation of an entirely brand new alliance. Unfortunately, those are on the back burner at the immediate moment but once the hype cools down a bit(or heck maybe I’ll announce them-with the hype) you’ll find out pretty soon!

  2. Revamping: First obvious steps was to create a rank system. Pilots just weren’t feeling motivated to go fly wherever they wanted with no reward and not always having a buddy to fly with them. This way they can fly when no one is active to earn their badges. Second, courses will be given to our pilots so they can understand ATIS and how to use it properly. More on the way but I can’t divulge it all. My good friend once told me:

“Divulge your best secret…see your competition announce the same product the next day” ;) not saying there are VAs out there who would do that but it’s always better to be safe. That and the element of surprise when we release things is fun haha.

Thanks for your comment and inquiries. I appreciate the time spent.


Seems I’m a bit late to the party… Glad to see FVA back in action. The update is going to make this VA shine more than usual!


Thank you very much for your kind words. Infinite Flight Real World Air Traffic Control will find it’s time to shine alongside us, hopefully very soon!


Good to see our American LCC counterparts back in action, if you have Idea’s on a partnership or alliance, you know where to find us ;)


Funny you should mention that…I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you ever since you created your thread. Been so busy I haven’t had time to hoot twice like a screech owl and once like a barn owl. But I’ll be sure to send a dm your way.

You can’t get rid of us forever now can you ;)


Glad to see y’all are back in the business! Best of luck!


Well thank you. We have continuous updates to bring to you guys along with the FDS updates. Perfectly coinciding with each other :)