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Fly Frontier Virtual, The Carrier Who Cares For You!

Frontier Virtual Airlines is a long standing VA with the belief that flying as a group creates a family environment. Upon joining our slack (main means of communication within the VA name), you will find just how much our close knit pilots are.
Created on September 23rd, 2016, Frontier Virtual has withstood the torments of time. We are steadily growing with a productive YouTube Channel and a gorgeous Instagram account. The links will be provided below.

Now entering our 8th month anniversary tomorrow, I figured it would be a good idea to create a fresh new outlook at what FVA has to offer. We have evolved a great deal since our last full update. So do enjoy, read delightedly, and comment below if you have any questions.

~ The Frontier Virtual Staff And Pilots

Meet the Frontier Crew:

@Infinite.flight (CEO, CO-Founder, FVACast Host, Global Manager, Event Manager)

@Cessna_Driver (CO-CEO, FVACast Co-Host, Routes Manager, Event Manager)

@Tecnam2TA (YouTuber, Staff Member)

FVA Website

You can find our routes, hubs, application papers, fleet, and track any FVA members through our website, link given below.

Our Fleet:
We use the Airbus fleet 90% of the time with occasional runs being done in our CRJ aircraft and the E190 (which are not mentioned below).

Airbus Family

Airbus A318_
The backbone to our fleet, and the only aircraft in the entire sim with our gorgeous livery, the A318 is the backbone and workhorse which allows us to travel great distances with comfort

Airbus A319
The less used A319 can be found on various group flights. It is similar to the A319 but with a greater distance capacity and is usually used only for executive flights.

Airbus A320

The second most used and enjoyed FVA aircraft, the A320 is easy to handle and comes equipped with incredible graphics. The A320 is a beautiful aircraft

Airbus A321

The A321, our largest Airbus family aircraft, is used primarily on long haul flights.
Boeing Family

Boeing 777

The Boeing 777, our long haul powerhouse of the fleet, will be utilized over long distances. You’ll be seeing the use of this aircraft once global hits.

Boeing 787:

Similiar to its cousin the B777, the B787 will be used mainly on transatlantic flights or on flights spanning the coasts.
Dash 8Q400

(Sorry for the lack of a photo)
The Dash8 is primarily used for regional flights of short hop proportions.

FVA Youtube
If you are interested in the following: Podcast Episodes, Real World Trip Reports, Real World Spotting and MiniClips, Event Recaps, Event Livestreams, Promotional Content, and many more.

The Frontier Virtual Podcast Playlist

Event Videos

Real World Aviation

Our amazing and talented YouTuber, @Tecnam2TA , heads that entire department, so if you see something mind blowing amazing…you know who is behind the art. Thank you Daniel :)!

FVA Instagram

The FVA Instagram channel is run by @Cessna_Driver : CoHost, COO, and Instagram Manager. Thank you awesome Matt :)!

SkyHub Alliance with Lufthansa VA
Thanks to the amazing outreach by our community forum pilots, we have graciously been partnered with SkyHub, The World Of Tomorrow.
Thanks to @Lolo31R who runs the alliance for allowing us to be a huge part of this group. We look forward to its growth!

SkyHub Link

Lufthansa Virtual Airlines - Main Thread | A modern and advanced Virtual Airline | SkyHub Alliance

Also partnered with SkyHub, United Virtual Airlines (run by @Blizzard), have joined our ranks. I look forward to seeing this Alliance grow.
For anyone interested in joining, please contact Lol31R.


A final thought before leaving this to be looked upon by our viewers, I’d just like to take this time and really thank all of you. I have heard FVA being called “a well put together VA”, “the most fun VA I have ever been in”, and so on. I don’t say that to thump myself in the chest. I say that because without compliments like that and without the love and strong connections FVA brings between people, FVA would not be here. Consider your contributions as helping to keep the airline alive. You guys are amazing! Go ahead and vote in the poll below on how you would rate our airline.

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Any questions, feel free to drop them below. We are your servant VA and I’ll catch you…on the flip side!


This is an extremely detailed and professional thread. Best of luck and by the look of this you’ll be in operation for many years to come.


Well laid out thread, Robert. Nicely done. Go FFT!

I really hope and pray alongside you that FVA sees many months of productivity. Thank you for your positive feedback. I do thank you greatly!

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I’m glad you enjoy my friend.

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Looks great guys! Frontier Virtual is going to be better than the real airline if you keep this up!

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I very much appreciate the compliment. Have a great day mate.

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Great well and organized thread! FVA is truly amazing.

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Wecapprceiate and are grateful for fellow FVA love. :)



After deliberating with my staff and talking to the executives at IFSIM (Infinite Flight Simulator), I have made the choice to accept their request for a partnership. Thanks for the hard work from my staff and pilots in helping make this choice!

What does this mean for FVA pilots

With IFSIM, our pilots will be provided with daily verbal ATC services up to the real world standards and VATC for your events on request. As well as that, we can organise workshops to teach your pilots how to use ATC (Real world voice ATC or IF Default ATC).
I conclude this can only be beenfitial and help FVA pilots in learning how to interact with ATC.
We’d like to take a moment to thank KeithJames and IFSIM for having us in mind as IFSIM members. We welcome you aboard IFSIM!

Here’s to many good months/years of partnership 🍻,
~ Infinite.Flight (CEO at FVA)


Yes! This is great, I can’t wait to control for one of your events maybe :).


I do so look forward to it. :) cheers mate.

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I just thought I’d share how excited we at FVA are in celebrating with our real world counterpart in their completion of a brand spankin new A320NEO aircraft now dubbed “Sunny the Collared Lizard”. It just made its inaugural flight from Detroit to Trenton-Mercer where Frontier is the only commercial airline to fly through.

Join with us as we give F9 a round of applause for their amazing new animal choice!


You can check out our wonderful YouTube and be in for a treat with the small skits of funny goodness supplied by the most amazing YouTube manager @Tecnam2TA . He recently released this video, a clip of a IF spitfire doing some passes over a runway with some dang fancy beats, and some upcoming RWA videos including something from Matt and myself (flight from LA to DEN).
If you are just hearing about this channel or haven’t done so yet, consider giving us your support by hitting that like button, commenting on your favorite part of the video, and subscribing.

The Frontier Virtual Shoutout Challange

As you can see by the title, FVA is running itself a small competition to arise some chances for a shoutout on the FVACast, the Frontier Virtual podcast.

Steps To Win

  1. If you fancy your luck, please consider heading to the FVA channel and finding your favorite video in whatever playlist or genre.

  2. Once you have found it, comment why you enjoy the video including the hashtag #FrontierVA for a chance at winning a shoutout on the FVACast and a chance to fly with the executives and staff on a private flight over the San Fran Bay Area.

  3. Wait and the winner will be announced on this very thread with his prizes.

Any questions on the 2017 FVACast challenge please ask below. Thank you to all our loyal FVA subscribers and Instagram followers. You may see a challenge like this coming soon for our Instagram account so stay tuned.

Also, due to a lack of loyalty in new arriving pilots, a new rule is being put into place. Once you have joined, you are expected to maintain a certain level of activity, disclosed upon joining. Of course if something is holding you back, we require you to give us your reasoning and not simply vanish into the dark corners of Slack. So please be aware of that if you are planning on joining.

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Hello dear forum pilots and associates,

Some will rejoice with this set of news, otherwise will remain neutral, and others will be drinking a cup of coffee and staring blankly at the screen.
I am here to sadly announce that FVA is reducing its activity and presence on the forums by 75% as we wait for global. Below is a huge list of the way FVA is going about handling this. Thank you for your time and I hope the coffee is a nice hot brewed cup with fresh beans.

Affected and Resituated Means of Operation:

  1. FVA will be reducing its forum presence by over 70% as we make an attempt to shut down areas of our VA that are nonproductive and only cost us time and effort.

a) The FVACast will be reducing its episodes to once a month as we begin hibernation. Episodes, however, will be stretched to 45-60 minutes and episode to make up for the reduction. We hope you understand as the podcast takes up a huge portion of time, effort, and manpower.

b) Forum events will be cut completely down. As of 06/10/17, FVA will no longer be holding hosted events on the forums until global comes out or for some bizarre reason, the staff vote against this and want to bring back the events. The main thing is, don’t expect to see any FVA events until late July to mid August as part of our new “Hibernation-Alpha” program.
We will be attending any alliance events or events our VA is invited to.

I just want to make it VERY CLEAR that FVA is not closing down it is not ceasing business it is not, as the good French say, “Fermers las portes”! FVA is 100% operating and it is still open for recruitment.
This move is reducing our forum approaches not our VA. It’s like taking the table cloth off the table and hiding it under the table. The cloth no longer has a presence in the table but it is not suddenly done for good. It’s still there and can be used, it is simply temrpoarily out of sight.

One more time: WE ARE NOT CLOSING! We are simply reducing the workload on active staff and keeping things clean and simple while we begin final preparations for the global release.

This thread will always be here if you have any questions. I’m always here and @Cessna_Driver and @Tecnam2TA and @Dairell_Martinez are always here to help and assist anyone. This thread is here if you need us. Nothing is being closed down we are simply going into hibernation and reduction mode as we await global.

Feedback is appreciated in this move. Questions please drop them below.
~ The FVA staff


Strikes me as very peculiar… from an administrative standpoint, what lead to this decision being implemented?

also how is derp doing? He was my favorite when I was in the va.


Hello Nichalas,

The administration team gave the pilots the option to vote this plan into action. It was met unanimously with support. Our pilots and the FVA administration staff felt we were wasting efforts on areas that just didn’t spike interested in our VA. Pilots in FVA were unable to make over 90% of events due to conflicting schedules. The move to reduce events completely will give our staff and pilots much more time to not stress out and to simply enjoy the love for flying in IF and RWA.
The move to reduce the podcast episodes was my idea simply because it is just impossible for my staff to be there every week for an episode. We are in highschool/college and we just don’t have the time. The reason an episode hasn’t been released in over a month is because finals takes up a load of time and getting ready for our summer work schedules also doesn’t help.
If you have any further questions drop them below.

~ The Administrative Team at FVA

[spoiler]Derpo is doing well. He’s been very busy so he’s not as active but he comes on every other day. We miss you as well good sir and if you’d like to return, simply request it!



@SkyHighGuys The VA I am a part of (won’t advertise it, not fair or correct) is seeing the same inactivity due to finals and exams! I think that decision is an excellent one, school comes first as sad as it may be!

Exert all your effort when time permits and FVA will be an even better one!


Dear Cameronrenwick,

We thank you for your understanding. Finals and real life do tend to get in the way. ^RS


FVA NOTICE ON 06/24/17

Just ensuring people that FVA is still up and running. We here as FVA staff have kept an eye in global preps by FDS and we are looking forward to when we can return to full activity! Global is what we are waiting for.
If you want to join feel free to fill out that application. You should be accepted within a day or so.
Thanks for everyone and their patience. FVA is proud to be one of the leading virtual airlines in IF!

~Moderating staff


Slack is our mode of main method of communication so in order to join we would greatly appreciate it if you made sure to have the app downloaded.


As we are currently in hibernation mode, I feel it is my duty to make all potential recruits aware that FVA slack is in a lot more of a hibernation mode (still active every day) and there are more talks of Xplane 11, FSX, and RWA as we have put IF aside in terms of main focus.
This does not mean FVA is gone or anything it simply means we are occupying our time while we wait for global, with things that have global in them. It’s our way of hyping ourselves up.
So if you’d like to join just to talk Xplane 11 or RWA or anything like that, we are happy to oblige.


Tell us how we at the FVA channel did in this little tantalizing trailer for an upcoming trip report ;)