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Our available spots are…pilot pilot and pilot ;)! Make sure you sign up using that handy dandy link in the thread below and I’ll meet you in our Slack and in the friendly skies! .


Tutorials Update 1-4-16:
Fear not! From here on out you can start your initiation with a handy dandy tutorial fresh from your staff here at Frontier. No longer feel left out or ad lib your beginning. Join confident you know how to start out.

Frontier Tail Update 11-30-16:
Frontier Virtual officially offers its new pilots to choose a tail to claim for the duration of their stay.

Alliance and Status Board Update 11-25-16:
Frontier VA has officiall opened it so doors for options into joining with alliance groups. We feel as an airline we have become strong enough to support ourselves in these situations. If you are a leader of an alliance or know of someone who is please have them contact us.
Also our Status Board in-slack usage for pilots only, has become available. You can now log future flights with the reactions of “on time” " on the ground" “departed” “diverted” “arrived” and so on.

Amsterdam and Charlotte NC Routes Update 11-21-16:
Due to a high demand for them, our Charlotte and Amsterdam routes are now available for flying! If you would like to join us and fly these newer routes just click the application.

EDDL-EHAM (Medium Haul)
EDDL-EDDK (Short Haul)
EDDL-EBBR (Medium Haul)

KCLT-KAGS (Long Haul)
KCLT-KCAE (Medium Haul)
KCLT-KFLO (Medium Haul)

Free Flight Server Update 11-16-16:
With this new update, on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s only, you can fly any livery, aircraft, and route within Frontier hosted regions for all minutes. This way you can still gain points to getting higher ranks without having to fly the same aircraft and livery all week!

YouTube Update 11-14-16:
Frontier Virtual is now the proud sponsor of a YouTube channel. For more information please contact myself or click the link provided down in the comments.

Minor Updates 11-11-16:
Routes are now returnable. Some new routes are being planned for Charlotte. Updates with the pilots-benefits programs. Finally, seniority perks for senior ranking.

Flight Benefits 1 Month Bonus Update 10-26-16:
Frontier Virtual is so proud to host our Flights Benefits 1 Month Program! Sign up and start adding 5 minutes of extra bonus flight time to increase your rank of membership as a pilot! What are you waiting for? Sign up now

This link is to our official Staff hiring positions. Please read the requirements for each position in the comments below.



I had to close the oringinal thread because I can’t edit it anymore. Mods gave me full clearance to create a new thread. Also please private message me questions like that in the future ;)


I don’t think your website is working. It gives me a 404 code when I click on it.

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Best of luck from British Airways Virtual !


Same for me. The working link is:


I’ll fix it up man thanks for the heads up


Haha yes , but nothing wrong with us wishing you guys luck ;)


Our website links are now fixed! Thanks for the patience everyone I appreciate it.


We have now added Amsterdam and Charlotte routes. We do realize Amsterdam routes are not a realistic real world airline region to fly in, but it’s done to give more variety. Please be advised routes you see now are temporal. Once global comes out they will be overhauled.
So just enjoy what you can till Global is what I say 😂👍🏼 anyways if that was all that was holding you back fro, joining please consider clicking the application and allowing me to welcome you onboard


Well, We can try to fly from charlotte to Denver or New York to chicago. Not only there no existing routes, The a318 doesn’t hold enough fuel for such a journey so this will be extreme unrealistic🙃🙃

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The longer routes will be managed by our A320-321 family.

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I think a320 is regional too. I’m not exactly sure about the a321. Are they going to add frontier to that airplane? Oh yeah that’s a bit off topic

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If you have any further questions about frontier Virtual and it’s aircraft I will be 100% happy to talk to you in a private message. Please try to avoid going off topic ;)

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  1. Frontier Virtual YouTube is proud to release, with the amazing talent of our YouTuber @Tecnam2TA our first official event coverage video. Were you at our Denver Free Flight Server event? This past Sunday Frontier was proud host to our “fly in Denver nonstop to YOUR destination” event. Here is the coverage to go alongside it.
  2. Also breaking news…our livestream link for the Thanksgiving Thursday event is now being allowed public knowledge. The link will be provided in this comment as well as the official event thread.

As a little disclaimer, the quality isn’t as great due to software issues but we are going ahead with the livestream. Please keep any views positive only. :)


Where is this place. How did he create the live stream. This is awesome!

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It’s going through YouTube live streaming. I somehow figured out how to do it after lots of research. It’s pretty neat. Allows people that don’t have a live account to still be able to watch it (which may spark their interest to want to purchase a live account).


Wow this is great! @DipperDolphin doesn’t have live so he can see it


Just a bit of weekly news: our Instagram account is growing full of gorgeous frontier photos! If you love that sort of pic, make sure you follow the account. Link provided below and at the top of the thread.


Will give you guys a follow, great to see so much professionalism in your VA, great job you guys are doing :)


I signed up to the VA!