Frontier VACast I Episode 15 Livestream Announced

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Frontier Virtual Podcast

Meet the Podcast 🎧 Team: 🛬🛫🛩
Captain: @Infinite.flight
First officer: @Cessna_Driver
Guest: @Drew33950 (when he can make it)
Tech Director: @Tecnam2TA

Behind on our episodes? First time listener with time on your hands? Below is the link to all 13 of our currently public episodes. If you have ny questions please DM or comment below.

Breaking News:

We at the FVACast are getting hyped and prepped to record our newest podcast episode that will be recorded tonight and air within the next week. We will be discussing our stats, concerns about activity, plans for future awesomeness, a hopefully set schedule for episodes to air on, discussion on the A321 and CRJ, and a question period if anyone drops comments for us.

If you would like to have us answer a question relevant to this podcast, please drop a comment below and I will personally leave a like to share with you that your comment will be discussed.

Want to Guest Star in the podcast?

I’ve received questions and DM’s asking if pilots on the IFC can join us for some guest star episodes. I’m more than happy to involve you guys in the podcast so if you feel you have a sufficient Aviation background with a unique story that will interest our listeners, please comment below or DM me with your credentials. Do no be disappointed if we cannot take you.

Q) Why haven’t you guys been uploading episodes?
A) Work and school and daily life have played the biggest factors.

Q) Will you guys be allowing normal IFC members to join?
A) It depends on your history in Aviation. We don’t want to just let every average joe onboard. We want our listeners to have something entertaining and in some cases educational.

Q) How long are your episodes?
A) Recorded episodes are from 15-30 minutes and livestreams can go up to 1 hour.


I’m excited for this episode! It’s been a while.

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Just checked the date of our most recent podcast episode. Last episode was on December 2nd of 2017. Been a while coming but we are about to return full force :D

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These are really cool. Nice job

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Our episode is coming out today. I don’t know the exact time but check it out when you can :D


Our brand new episode hot off the press by 1 minute is now ready for public viewing. Slap a like, subscribe if you haven’t, and comment if you can!

i do apologize about the bird noises


Make sure you check out our newest episode. It will be aired live so you are more than welcome to tune in on the March, 24th, 9PM EST and ask your questions and hear back instantly.

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