Frontier Trip Report - 5 Hour Delay (Engine Malfunction)

Great trip report! Last week I had a delay of 3 and a half hours, and missed my connection, and then had to wait another 4 hours for the next flight.

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I don’t know how many flights F9 has out of DCA, but if they don’t have many a long delay like that is understandable. Shame you didn’t get the chance to fly on the NEO though. Have you already gotten the chance to do that though?

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That was very exquisite. I loved the detail put into this. The Caribou Livery? Is that a daily charter? Anyways, a cockpit view is no better then to top off a trip. But wow, a full 5 hour delay… Better safe then sorry

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I’ve never flown with AA, But if you search American Airlines on Youtube, half of the results are ‘Never flying American Airlines again’ or ‘Don’t fly American Airlines’ or ‘Stranded in ___ because of American Airlines’ They don’t do anything about their delays to comfort their passengers like Frontier did with you. Their staff are grumpy, unlike Frontier.


15 buck meal voucher for that long of a delay. I got a 28 dollar one for an hour delay and 500 bucks for a free flight with American after begging voluntary bumped

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Another really good trip report Robert. A shame about your delay, I am not sure I would hang around at the airport as long as you but as you say, an airport in the early hours is a beautiful sight.

I hope this hasn’t (I am sure it hasn’t) minimised any love for Frontier.

One question, F9?



It’s strange Indigo had problems with he A320NEO’s now Frontier and a other I don’t remember.

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Spirit airlines is the other FYI
“Thirteen engine removals were due to borescope inspections revealing blocked cooling holes in combustion chamber panels, apparently due to saltier air, and Pratt & Whitney developed and tested a more durable combustor design to address a tone problem, with the fix to be introduced in September.[33] Spirit Airlines reported that the bleed air system froze shut on occasion due to cold temperatures on four of its five A320neos, a problem also experienced by IndiGo, leading Spirit to impose a 30,000 feet (9,100 m) ceiling on their aircraft.[36]”

@Daniel_Cerritos This is not the place to make your own trip report. Enjoy Robert’s pwweease :)

I was only recalling my own Delay, but I really liked Roberts report.

Only wanting to share my experience

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he’s simply telling his story about a delay dude

Can we get a link to your YouTube trip reports Robert? @SkyHighGuys

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I was stuck in Houston for 5 hours waiting for my transfer flight to El Paso. It was United and they only gave each passenger $10 for food. Delays suck but can be an adventure if you have the right set of mind. Good trip report!!

Getting bumped is a different story, not comparable

I hate those kind of people for two reasons:

  1. Why the hell do you yell at someone who is only trying to help you?! It’s not her or his fault that the plane can’t take off. He’s just doing his job.

  2. Do you prefer to fly on a broken plane? No? Good. Be quite and sit down.

That’s like yelling at a paramedic because he’s blocking your car while helping a man who has a stroke.


Hey almost the same thing happened to me got to Denver also at 12am waited till about 6am layover 9am layover finally left around 11am then went to DFW and they kept switch my flight and I had to run around the airport like a madman I eventually got in a plane but then due to “matinence issues” I sat in the plane at the gate for 1hr

Unlike most passengers I enjoy a good delay and if it means I can get access overnight to my favorite airport, you won’t see me complaining :) and the fact that I got a free meal on top of a $100 voucher for the next flight speaks to how much F9 cares for its pax.

Like I said a lot of people were unhappy about that. Someone took the voucher from the nice agent at the podium, looked at the amount, and actually shouted “You have to be (insert swear word here) kidding me. How am I upposed to afford anything. Great work Frontier.”

I promptly took mine and went over to a sit down restaurant and ordered a full meal. It may not seem like it but $15 does actually pay for some good food. I even had $1.78 leftover.


Thank you my friend! I’m home now but while I was sitting at the airport I had nothing better to do haha. Delays be delays!

A ghost town in some places. I actually did some exploring in Concourse A and went into a very creepy part of the airport lol. If you are susbscrived to my cannelloni you’ll see some videos I’m going to be uploading where I explore a brand new section of the concourse that just got finished with contrsuction. It’s at ground level where NKS used to fly out of and the turbo prop airlines do fly out of. I went into this new section and it was a virtual ghost town. Very clean, comfy seats, lower outlets everywhere, immaculately clean bathrooms, bright lights, Departure and arrival boards everyone, shops closed up, and clean carpets everywhere. It was gorgeous…except for the fact that it was emptier than my heart when my girl broke up with me. Literally this part of the airport looked like a horror movie where there is a busy terminal and then suddenly everyone vanishes. Like you walk into this place and you expect to see it full of action and people but not a soul is there. Perfectly quite but looking modern and beautiful. Very creepy and I got the feeling I wasn’t supposed to be I need there despite the doors being wide open and signs clearly indicating this was open to the public lol.

It has grown my love for F9 actually :)

Here is the link to my YouTube channel guys! The following videos are coming out on the channel starting within the next week or so:

  1. Trip Report KDEN - KDCA
  2. Trip Report KDCA - KDEN (Massive Delay)
  3. Spotting at KDCA
  4. Night Terminal Spotting at KDEN
  5. A review of F9’s first row seat with tray table and 4th row with exmaniation of seats and tray tables.
  6. Look into an A320 cockpit
  7. Exploring Ghosy Town Concourse A
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