Frontier to San Francisco!


I did a really quick flight from KLAS-KSFO. Flight time was about 1:05, and I Buttered the bread -61.

Parked at Las Vegas with the 157 passengers boarding.

Rotatation! Goodbye casino I lost $69,000 at!

Nice pretty cruise at FL270

Final at the very busy KSFO


Parked at KSFO

Okay that’s All
Thanks for viewing
Rick Astley


nice pics!

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Really nice shots! Seems like a nice route, I might have to try it out sometime.

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Thank you, I really recommend it!

Awesome shots! Sad to hear you lost 69k :(

@AdvancedAviation welcome to the community! jk lol

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I’m sure you made him really sad.

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No, Rick Astley.

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What I meant by that was that I already knew them so I didn’t really need to welcome them

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Yeah I was just kidding

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Ok never mind

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