Frontier Spotting @ DIA!

Hey IFC! Today will be my second time making a “spotting” #screenshots-and-videos post. I decided to use Denver International Airport and Frontier because it’s their hub/HQ. It was a cool, Fall September morning with the sun still rising and the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Server: Solo
Airline: Frontier
Time: Morning
Airport: Denver International (runway 34R)

A Frontier A318 landing from Trenton (TTN)

Hugh the Manatee arriving from Orlando (MCO)

Alberta and Clipper seconds from touching down from Chicago (ORD)

Colorado the Ram an A320 arrives from Philadelphia

Ozzy the Orca from my home airport - John Wayne/Orange County

A Frontier JetExpress from Aspen

Sheldon the Sea Turtle landing from Atlanta

And lastly, Virginia the Wolf about to touchdown from Cleveland

Thanks for stopping by!


Great photos there, well done there!

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Although I love me some frontier, Frontier never has flown between Denver and Trenton, sadly.
Great shots, anyways!

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Dang! I was trying to use their hubs/focus cities and thought that would be a route 😂
Thanks anyways!

Is this just the same photo repeated over and over? Haha just kidding but you can see what I was getting at eh?
Great photos

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Yeah Frontier doesn’t have too much of a variation in their fleet 😂

I actually took that Ozzy the orca flight from SNA to Denver. Wow 🤩 the first one is my favorite. Excellent

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Really? That’s cool!

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The last livery I think @Thunderbolt purposely reserved a seat in lol.

Because it looks like a dog? I’m confused 😂

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I see a lot of Frontier’s…
Great photos and editing!

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Yes almost like they are all Frontier 🤔
😂 thanks

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Probably should’ve asked this earlier (oops 😂) but should I make more of these “plane spotting” topics?

  • Yes!
  • No 🤮

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