Frontier’s brand new cabin review.

Hello! đź‘‹

A few weeks ago I flew from Orange County to Denver on Francine the piping plover which was the first frontier aircraft to feature their brand new cabin with actual tray tables, and new seats!!

Here at gate 15 we have Francine parked and about ready to go. We boarded on time and got to take a look at what the seats were!!

Here we have a side view of the seat

And a front view of the seat!!

The tray table was a much needed upgrade from the last one. These new seats were much more comfortable than the old ones, and it felt like there was more leg room!

We pushed back from the gate 5-8 minutes early and began taxing for the runway. We then sat next to the runway for 23 minutes waiting on this one SW aircraft that went on the runway then went off and so on. Our takeoff was then 13 minutes late and our flight made its way to Denver and landed on time!! We parked at gate A44 at around 11:00pm.

To rank the flight, it will be scored out of 40 points in 4 different categories.

1: Cleanliness: 10/10 the cabin was really clean and spotless. Frontier does a great job with COVID safety as well.
2: Seat: 10/10. I absolutely loved the new seat and felt some additional legroom and for the majority of the flight I was quite comfortable.
3: Service: 10/10 Frontier has brought back their inflight service and have new menu items. The FA’s were also very attentive which made for an enjoyable flight.
4: On-time/delayed: 9/10. Yes we did pushback from the gate in SNA early, but when we were waiting for the 23 minutes on the ground the pilot made no announcement whatsoever ever as what was taking so long which made it a bit annoying. But we still landed in Denver on time but again had to wait for a plane that was occupying our gate to leave.

Over all:
39/40 points!!

I would highly suggest flying frontier if you are looking for cheap flights. This flight in economy seat 19F was $50 including the seat (discount den membership).

Thanks for reading!!


They were literal jokes and looked like this:

Indeed indeed. But thankfully Frontier will be adding this new cabin to all new aircraft and current aircraft in the future!!

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