(Frontier) Poppy the prairie dog

This is poppy, and she is on this beautiful A320, that deserves to fly in the IF skies


About Frontier

Frontier airlines is an Ultra low cost airline in the US based in Denver Colorado. Each one of their planes is painted with a different animal. Each animal has their own unique name. With over 100 destinations in the US and 30 international destinations, Frontier is a full North American airline.

I’m gonna free up a vote just because shes soooooo CUTE

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could that be the most cute livery?😂


Wow that’s a cool livery! Just a tip, I would add something about it being a Frontier A320 in the title, although that’s just me personally. Before I clicked on it I thought it was a request for an actual prairie dog 😂.


We need a new frontier a320 livery you got my vote!

I personally like the baby penguin’s and Flo the Flamingo

A320NEO not in sim