Frontier launches new routes from Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago!

Hello all! Happy days today! Frontier Airlines, the low-cost carrier with our favorite animal tails, has launched brand new routes from Las Vegas, Miami, and one new route from Chicago!


Miami Additions

6 new routes from Miami International (KMIA) have been launched all starting in February to April of 2021!

Cancun, Mexico | 4x March 11th
Guatemala City, Guatemala | 3x April 12th
San Salvador, El Salvador | 4x April 13th
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | 3x December 17th
Ontario, California | 4x April 12th
Orlando, Florida | 7x February 11th

The new route to Santo Domingo will begin 3x daily this Thursday! This expands Frontier’s Miami routes to 27!

Las Vegas Additions

My hometown, Vegas has received brand new service from Frontier, 2 being International, all beginning in March of 2021!

Los Cabos, Mexico | 2x March 26th
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | 2x March 25th
El Paso, Texas | 2x March 11th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | 2x March 12th
Wichita, Kansas | 2x March 12th
Little Rock, Arkansas | 2x March 11th

This adds up to 44 Frontier routes out of Vegas! I can’t wait to see the Los Cabos route!

Chicago Additions

Frontier brings one more international route from / to Chicago!

Cozumel, Mexico | 1x February 13th

A unique route just south of Cancun!


Now if only the legroom were as great as the new routes…


Those tail liveries though 😍

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it’s getting LIT at KLIT for frontier

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Now we have even more connections 😎

About time LAS started receiving these leisure Mexican destinations. Sort of surprised Cancun didn’t make it in.

(Cozumel has DFW, IAH, CLT, DEN, YYZ, YUL MIA, and more)

Chicago to Cozumel will be Saturday-only starting February 13

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Thanks for the help! Will add them, Cozumel looks like a great destination!

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