Frontier into the Sunset

Today I did a nice fun trip from Denver, CO to the beautiful Sin City (Las Vegas, NV) the flight was an amazing sight the entire way with mountains and mountains to look at, did not disappoint. My favorite feature about tonights ride was the amazing view on Final Approach from the sights of Sunset Rd. Ill let you guys see the beautiful picture of a A320 a CCX and a 737 linedup for a sunset approach at McCarran!

Flight Info

Origin: Denver, Colorado 🇺🇸

Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada 🇺🇸

Airline: Frontier 🐳

Aircraft: Airbus A321-200 ✈️

Flight Time: 1:27🕛


As seen from the Airport…

Image of the Day goes to the Local who captured the amazing three plane final approach😱…

Descending; down below the streets of Las Vegas🎲


Short and sweet this time! Thanks to @Suhas and @HAKUNAMATATA for the nice flight and shot that I was able to grab 👍🏽😄

Go ahead and beliw which was your favorite of the three… 2vs3 or a body shot of the plane😮

  • Shot 1
  • Shot 2
  • Shot 3

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Was a pleasure flying with you Kevin! Too bad you messed up your landing 🗿🤡

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Nice Shots Kev💯💯

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Haha your funny bro your just mad your landing gear collapsed😱🥴


Thanks brother😄

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so uhhh

what runway did you land?

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26L lol LAS