Frontier Embraer-145

Check this absolutely gorgeous aircraft!!! I would love to have this as part of the embraer liveries.
With Frontier VA working on getting its website and staff up, and with the current regional routes, it would be very nice to have this!!


Livery is amazing, airplane isn’t as much …

Mmm never knew they used the EMB-145s, looks nice!


Looks really nice!

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It looks nice

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@SkyHighGuys, only one picture per feature request please. You can choose which one you want to keep. :)


Can you edit in a larger image?

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More regional aircrafts needed but it would be nice to get more frontier liveries and it would be nice to have a retired jetliner and other airlines can be added to the update like United airlines,Delta airlines

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Love the livery!

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I love the emb planes

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