Frontier Debutes Special Livery On First A321NEO

Frontier Debutes Special Livery On First A321NEO


Fredrick The Bald Eagle has debuted on a brand new Frontier Airlines A321NEO.

This aircraft is the first to support a brand new special Frontier livery. While not confirmed, I would expect this as a special livery, as it contains the titles “Americas Greenest Airline.” This aircraft, currently registered D-AZWE (until it gets its US certification), should be making its way over to Frontier very soon. It will be the first A321NEO of the 91 currently on order.


“Powered by Pratt & Whitney”

That’s really weird, considering their A320neos are powered by CFMs.


I consider every Frontier aircraft a special livery


Even though the new livery is nice, cant change the fact that they are a pretty poor quality airline.

I wouldn’t expect quality from an airline with tickets that cheap…


You’re not wrong, since no two Frontier animal tails are the same. Also, since there aren’t many airlines with animal-themed liveries on every single one of their aircraft, it really does make Frontier stand out from the rest.


Low fare airline. Gets you where you need to go

Definitely want this in the game sometime in the future. Great livery tho.

Stupid questions, why is there a German flag on frontier? Didn’t know you didn’t need a seatbelt to go transatlantic

When Frontier was employee owned and an excellent airline.
They were a very proud local operation…
Eagle County, CO circa 1983. 737-200.

And that livery does have PW’s.

Temporary signage for testing as it was built in AirBus’s German Shops.

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I like it a lot!

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Now that would be a nice addition to the Frontier stable!

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Thats a sick livery

I head to inflight training with F9 next week! So exciting to see the new aircraft and excited to learn about it!

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