Frontier Dash 8 Q400

This Frontier livery has a different livery than the normal one.


I thought they only operated A319s and A320s! This is cool!!!


They have this?? 😮

@Furtive_masstwofourf get over here now.


I ran into this while I was looking for a picture of Aspen airport for my website. Then I was like " I may request this"

The dog is so cute on the tail. I can’t say no to that little squishy face!

That isn’t a Dog, it’s a Seal. 😐


Oh, my bad…


Wikipedia says no Dash-8’s are in the Frontier fleet. Not the best source, but I’m kind of wondering if there is a mistake or a photoshop going on here…

Frontier also operates A321’s

They used to be operated by Lynx Aviation, which ceased operations in 2011.

So they did exist. OK, just wondering :)

This is a reliable source for fleet-related doubts

They used to have it 😪

I only want this because of the seal on the tail

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I thought you would say that. I would like it because of the Seal too.

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That is beautiful!! If this doesn’t get here fast, I might cry! Thanks for the tag!

They owned Dash-8’s. They recently retired them when they went through a rebrand a couple years back. Now it’s an Airbus fleet. Still one heck of a livery!

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Great livery, it’s too bad that they’re no longer using it.

I laughed so hard 😂

We need this, I love the Q400 and the Frontier Livery, and they mix together to make a perfect aircraft. It’s to bas they don’t exist anymore:-(

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