Frontier Announces Service to Portland, Maine

Well… I am glad to say that Portland, Maine will be getting flights to the following cities:

Frontier Airlines | Denver, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham

The Denver and Raleigh-Durham Route begins on July 10, while the Orlando flight begins on July 12.

My Thoughts?
I am so jealous of how PWM Can get service to these destinations AND land a new airline, Even to Denver, which is what Manchester wants. and yet they don’t do anything to attract any airline. Already F9 flies to Providence and now to Portland. What’s next, Burlington, VT and Boston, MA? Manchester needs to step up their game if they want more destinations.

Something @SkyHighGuys would like


That is quite interesting. Frontier doesn’t serve Hartford (KBLD) either! I don’t realy mind though, since jetBlue flys there and that is my favorite airline in the US! Hope they serve both destinations one day.

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@SkyHighGuys this is the post for you.


its about city size not location with exceptions but usually if there is a large/medium city (Cincinnati) and a small/medium city (Louisville) an airline will go for the larger one as delta did
but talking about exeptions we have UPS and we have that cvg is the 4th most expensive airport in the us and delta left while louisville is growing due to it being cheaper than cvg and also having a lifeline keeping it alive with low costs (UPS) but that a rare exception but airlines will serve a larger city over a very nearby smaller one

Noting to see here for me, just the best airline in the world doing its job. 10/10

oh yeah what about your 5hr delay due to their horrible maintenance procedures go see my post on that topic

@SkyHighGuys Why won’t Frontier fly to Manchester?

I’m glad PWM got F9 though. Lucky them

read my post it will make sense

There is no ‘horrible maintenance procedures’ involved. The engine didn’t shut down mid-flight because maintenance ignored an issue.

We don’t know what the problem is, it could require hours or even days of work. Mistakes happen and as @SkyHighGuys said, Frontier went over the top to fix a mistake.

PS: whatever post you claim you made on that topic was probably deleted because I can’t see it.

Exactly my point. Nothing to see but an amazing airline doing exactly what I expect of an airline in this extreme delay case and in these new routes case.
Also this is not the place to talk about it so feel free to head over to my trip report!

i just said to do that

I’d love to…if I could find your comment. Seems you forgot to send one ;)

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i did maybe it got deleted

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I’d think Frontier is probably looking at MHT as too much risk/too close to Logan to open flights to Denver, Orlando and RDU.

I think Manchester’s proximity to Boston is at their disadvantage now. Manchester needs to figure out it’s declining traffic problem, and I don’t think they’ve been able to attract a new airline in years. Back in the day, Manchester was a great alternative to Logan, but with the rapid growth of JetBlue in Boston and all the direct flights, I think it’s killed Manchester’s attractiveness as an alternative to Logan for both passengers and airlines.

And to add to that, MHT just lost their Airport Director. Which might be a good thing, no offense to the outgoing director, because someone new might need to pitch Manchester now.

I’m rooting for Manchester to make a comeback though! It’d be great if they added some direct flights south, even if it’s just winter/seasonal.


Oh we are very happy that he is gone. He did nothing to improve our airport, not even tried to attract a new airline. We declined because he didn’t do anything to help the airport.

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The city probably should have taken action a while ago. Seems the outgoing director left on his own terms to retire… although who knows.

It’s easy for us to say that though, I’m sure it’s difficult to attract a new airline when Logan is doing well.

Hopefully whoever comes in to lead MHT, will start to turn it around.

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Actually, we are glad he left due to the fact he only cared about his paycheck. I went to a conference at the local Aviation Museum, where he discussed the airport’s future. Only thing he talked about was he was trying to get JetBlue to come and to return Denver Service to Manchester. I don’t think he tried hard enough.

I also asked him if he would ever add a US Customs in the airport Terminal and he straight up shot down the question with we have plans but we won’t do it until we land an international carrier or something like that.

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