Frontier Announces 9 New Routes

Just a few hours ago Frontier announced 9 new routes


More information can be found here:


Seems that they are expanding their reach in Jacksonville. Glad to see a new airport covered by STL.

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Woo hoo new routes I’m excited

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Wishing there were some new routes for ISP… But hopefully they will come soon (JAX, LAS, DEN)

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Super excited. Another route for MKE

Now that’s what I’m talkin about! #LowFaresDoneRight. Keep being classy Frontier 😎


Nice to see more options to fly out of KJAX with Frontier

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Good to see Houston not getting any love. One can only dream so much of when IAH will get F9 A321’s…

I wish they would come into Manchester, NH. I think with them, it would help bring more competition to our airport

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They look good!! 👍 they should add a route to LRD, they fit A320’s. Plus the airport of LRD is big but the terminal is small

all those JAX routes, this is awesome.I hope to see the A321deployed on some of these routes.

Great job for JAX! As for living here it’s a big win for us, because we are pretty much overlooked with MCO to the south and ATL to the north. Also, this helps with the airport trying to get money from the government and the city to rebuild a huge new concourse sometime between 2020 and 2030. As far as what they’ll be flying in, from what I heard LAS, may be operated with a A321, while from what other avgeeks here in Jax said they may operate two of those with A320NEO’s!


same here buddy, really happy,(I am JAX based aswell)

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Ah nice! Great to see another JAX person on here!

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@Sean_Murphy I am in JAX too lol we had a pm discussion, I can’t wait for this new expansion. My hope is Frontier will end up thriving here and will want JAX to build that new concourse, once that new concourse is built I say let that be exclusive for Frontier so they can expand further and perhaps open a focus city.

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Yep! I didn’t forget about ya mate😂 cant forget your brothers here in Duval! When they build that new concourse do you think we could possibly see more of an expansion to the whole airport in general along with the new concourse? I think Frontier sees an opportunity here in Jacksonville and honestly this may be the beginning of a focus city or something, I think it’s one of the reasons why they moved up to JAX from st Augustine because they saw an opportunity to compete with Southwest, and beat down Allegiant! Plus like I said before, I think we’re overlooked because of ATL and MCO, so this definitely increases business and demand of flights!


Yeah and to add onto this with Frontier’s big expansion at SAT they are also going to bring in an SAT-JAX route to add to the JAX system.

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