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Hey guys it’s 508 CEO at IFPM and more importantly to this thread, CEO of Frontier Virtual “Spirit of the West”.
Our one month anniversary is dawning on us. In addition to celebrating this feat, we will be celebrating our 100 Flight milestone! Due it this unprecedented feat, many of our pilots are attempting to make the event. (Issues with timezones and such).
I’m turning to you the community of ask the date and time that would best suit the majority of all hopefuls. If any of the options in the poll below do so fit a time you can come, please poll each of the options you can.
If none are available you can comment a time and date below. If it gets a lot of likes it will be taken into consideration.

  • Monday 24, 2000Z
  • Tuesday 25, 2100Z
  • Saturday 29, 1500Z
  • Sunday 30, 2000Z
  • Monday 31st, 2000Z
  • Tuesday 1st, 2100Z

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Again please poll. We have had so much success with frontier va and I don’t want any of you who desire to come, to miss it!! So click on the date you can most come or comment below.
Show the love for Frontier ❤️ #frontierva


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Please poll! If you can do multiple times, I do apologize I messed up on that part, just comment below each of the assigned times you are available.
Please note that if you do poll you are basically saying you will come if we chooe this time 😉 It’s not just a poll for the bored to click a random option n passing. Please be considerate and poll only if you can come

I have time on Saturday 29, Monday 24, Tuesday 25

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I am available all of the days

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Sunday the 30th is ranking high up there…if we could get more interested pilots to throw there hash of an opinion in ;) that would help myself out in decideing times.
If the date is picked and you can’t make it…I will not stop at flying with you. Frontier and I care about you. If you can’t make it comment on the main thread and I’ll create a private message chat with all who can’t and we will have a mini flight.
Hopefully y’all can come anyways.

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I’m leaving the poll open for one more hour. Consider this your chance to shoot your best date!!! After that the one with the most percentage will become foremost.

Gonna close it now?

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I’ve reopened the poll just to see if anyone else will vote for the same day (little side project) anyways event is now in full swing if you would like to sign up

Sunday 20, 2000z is the best time for me, if the event is not on Sunday, I can try to make Saturday work.

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