Frontier Airlines Tracking Thread

Hello forum peeps, welcome to the official tracking thread for the real world Frontier Airlines. Over the next couple of months into years F9 is steadily receiving aircraft they have bought and growth in routes. This is how this will work:

  1. Each livery, registration and new aircraft received will be put in succession below along with the date the airline received it.
  2. Each new route opened by Frontier will be shared below Feel free to comment below if you find a new release before me and I’ll add it in to the list.

I’ll be starting off with today’s release. Enjoy the show :)



  • Delivery Date: March 8th, 2018.
  • Livery: Livery photo shown below in dropdown
  • Registration: N326FR
  • Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-251N
Frontier Airlines “Sky the Blue Jay”


I left the photographer’s name in for credit


  • Delivery Date: March 10th, 2018
  • Livery: Photo in drop down below
  • Registration: N328FR
  • Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-251N
Frontier Airlines “Scout the Pine Marten”

Left in copyright at the bottom of the photo


March 09th, 2018 BRAND NEW ROUTE

  • Frontier Airlines has begun service from Denver (KDEN) to El Paso (KELP) today!


You seem to really love frontier lol, good thread though, pretty informative


A new animal with frontier? That is so cool!!


Everyone I know will tell you that’s a huge understatement :D

Why thank you!

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I’m very happy about it :D


It’s “Skye The Blue Jay” but also nice Livery 😉👍😉

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Meh just missing a space ;)

Dude I know! I love the F9 liveries


I personally love tracking threads for matters like these. The majority, if not all of them, are in little to no need of moderation, fun to scroll through, and provides info I typically would never know about if I hadn’t been checking out these topics.

Kudos to Robert! 😉


Oh stop it 😏 but seriously thank you for your feedback! I truly appreciate it. This is my whole goal :D


March 09th, 2018 BRAND NEW ROUTE

Frontier Airlines has begun service from Denver (KDEN) to El Paso (KELP) today!

So excited with this Texas expansion. I’ve been to IAH and DFW isn’t exciting so going to ELP migh bump that up.

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I LUV southwest, but i really want to fly frontier one day!! Maybe on a trip to KDEN one day😉

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I’d personally be honored or have you fly F9 ;)

Frontier just received another aircraft! Scroll to the top to see details and a picture of it! :)

Edit: I also replaced the photos with photos of the actual aircraft!

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What will happen when Frontier runs out of animals? 😜


If in case they desperately need more animals… How about going to other places in the continent? I don’t really know… 🤔

I don’t know but that was funny tho 😆 even new animals are being discovered so there are still new ones comming soon

There are hundreds of different kinds of animals and if all else fails…just duplicate previous liveries and switch names. I mean they have 5 different owl liveries and over 4 different bear liveries. So I mean just duplicate 😂

Scout is a pretty Livery! Anything new in the past 15 days?

Not that I am aware of. All I know is that Robert is flying on FFT right now.

Yeah. I expect him to ask around to the pilots and crew and get some more info aswell as support my home airport of ISP or SXM ;)

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