Frontier Airlines to fly from Portsmouth, NH

Well, looks like our neighbor to our east got flights on Frontier Airlines.
Portsmouth International Airport at Pease was chosen by Frontier Airlines to begin service to Tampa in the first week of December.

In My Opion, I am very surprised to see F9 choose PSM. You would think F9 would be better flying into MHT, but I guess the folks at MHT wouldn’t care enough to at least try to land a carrier into Manchester, NH.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


Good to se frontier expanding. They also recently announce a new route out of my home airport (KLIT) to Orlando (KMCo)

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Closest Frontier market is at Portland just to the north of Pease. Can’t forget that they also operate but farther south in Providence. Looks like their trying to finally saturate the New England market.

Interesting decision on their part here. Allegiant is the only airline serving the SoFlo market at Pease (including the St. Pete’s/Tampa Bay Area). Nice competition going on here.

Though MHT would’ve been a better decision in my opinion as there is no competition for this market area. We’ll see how long this routes last for them!

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Would it be possible for F9 to operate at MHT if they already serve PSM? Or is that not possible? It’s only an hour drive to arrive into PSM from Manchester

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Knowing F9, Pease probably offered lower operating costs, which ultimately is one of the major deciding factors (for at least F9). Also F9 has a history of jumping in and out of markets, so you may not even see F9 in PSM for half a year.

Depends on where they decide to serve. If it’s Tampa, that might be a bit too much demand for this area (I think southwest already flies to Orlando anyway which is fairly close to the Tampa Bay Area).

WN already serves TPA and MCO. Maybe they can serve MYR to MHT, or maybe CLE, since I would really like to fly to Cleveland non-stop from home to visit relatives.

Also hoping Frontier to come to MHT to serve Chicago-O’Hare as well

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Part of their route expansion from Orlando. The MCO Facebook page just announced the new routes…4 of them. And I guess they are our new destination leader. If i had to guess, I think Southwest previously held that title. And with JetBlue being the planned anchor for the new terminal currently under construction, seems that MCO will be the king of low-cost carriers.

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I personally think F9 should fly into MHT even though they serve PSM and PWM. I believe that they will make good money if they do go into MHT. If PSM isn’t a successful route, who knows, MHT could see F9! 😀. I would love to see F9 go into MHT from DEN. Where would you like to see F9 fly in from if they decided to go to MHT?

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Well, DEN would be a nice addition, as we’ve been wanting Denver for a while ever since Southwest dropped DEN back in 2012.

I would love if F9 did the following routes from MHT:
MHT-CLE (to visit Relatives)
MHT-ORD (Very Important)

These are all the routes I’d love F9 to fly

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I actually think this is really great. I used to live about 15 minutes away from Pease in Maine, and if we wanted to go to Florida, the best options were from PWM (Portland ME) or MHT, both about an hour away. And both of these airports had more full cost carriers than low cost. This new route from Pease makes getting from NH and southern Maine to the south much quicker and easier!

And while allegiant was just getting their first route from PSM (to Orlando Sanford), I never really wanted to fly on their crappy MD80’s and low quality airline. IMO, frontier gives you a much better experience for what you pay for

I would also like to see F9 fly to MCO from Manchester (to compete with WN). I completely agree with you on F9 flying MHT-ORD. It is terribly needed and they would also make a good amount of money. I also would like to see F9 fly to LAS but I don’t see that happening for a long time. 😀

It’s been a over a week now without ORD service.

While we would like to see LAS service, we’d rather have Southwest reinstate that route. It was a good place to go. MCO would be cool, maybe it’ll drive down prices, but who knows.

ORD is a key airport that we need right now.

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This is why I wouldn’t recommend flying Allegiant from PSM

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