Frontier Airlines Suspends Pilot For Threatening Transgender Girl


Frontier Airlines says it has suspended a pilot accused of threatening on Facebook to harm a 12-year-old transgender girl for using the girls bathroom at her Oklahoma school.

Frontier spokesman Jonathan Freed said in a statement Monday that the pilot was suspended Aug. 13 pending an investigation into the alleged threats against the student in Achille, a community about 160 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.

He says the Denver-based airline doesn’t condone discrimination but he declined to release further details, including the pilot’s name.

Achille schools closed for two days last week after adults made threatening comments on Facebook about the student’s use of a girls bathroom.

Officials say no arrests have been made, but the child’s mother sought a protective order after a man confronted the mother in person. Full Credit: Washington Times.

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My thoughts:

This is really bad. Why would a pilot need to go out of his way and just to do something so stupid. They didn’t say how long he was suspended for, but the story mentioned no arrests but a possible restraining order might go into affect.


As I tell those who work for me - Careful what yea post online it’ll bit you you.


An adult threatening a 12 year old?? Now that’s really messed up. Shameful!


Needs his ticket pulled. Mentally not fit to fly.

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He deserves jail time IMO, or a hefty fine. An adult threatening to harm a kid is beyond unacceptable…


Dang my favorite airline is frontier and this actions that have been carried out by this person is shameful

Honestly, theres way too much info missing here to make an accurate statement. I feel like (This is my opinion) there is probably more to this story than is being revealed. The article is 4 small paragraphs. I understand that if the guy was making death threats, theres a problem. However, (again, my personal opinion) perhaps they’re misusing the word “threaten.” There isn’t any info about what he said, why he said it, etc.


Let’s not get into the political part.😉

This will really affect Frontier. They are not a really big airline anymore and with this, yikes

It’s just one pilot who said one thing. I doubt the airline will be affected in any way that matters.


It’s in America. I would hate to get into stuff but America loves to take things personal unfortunately (if someone is offended with this comment PM and I will take it down)

It really depends if he does. Technically threatening someone’s life is illegal. But often it is kinda up for interpretation, and sometimes it is thrown out depending on various circumstances. And someone has to press the charges in the first place, wich unless the girl/her family want to likely wolnt happen.

In my opinion this is a terrible thing to do, but Jail Time is and should not Ba an opinionated thing, so we will have to see what the judge says for that.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and most of that is from 20 muinets on google, so take it with a grain of salt, and if any real professionals have some two cents feel free…


Well, the worse case scenario is that pro transgender political activists will boycott the airline. After a while, they’ll either forget about it, or find something else to rant about.

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My entire life summed up in one quote lol


@KPIT is a very good and professional googler.


You’d make a great lawyer/professional googler. Although I agree with everyone when the say this is messed up. This guy needs to learn how to mind his business.


There is no reason to bully and threaten anyone. The pilot has the free speech to speak his mind and the government can’t deny that right but he has to realize the social repercussions of that. In my view he should have been fired. I saw the things said to that girl and it was seriously Messed up.


I’m going disagree with you on this statement. And this is why (from my view) While I personally do not support his comments, if his actions at the time did not represent Frontier they shouldn’t go after his job. NOW That being said, the same lady who flicked off President Trump I agree she shouldn’t of lost her job due to that either. But I’m not king so lol


You can be arrested (I think) and/or fined for a serious death threat.
Freedom of speech isn’t exactly a liable excuse to threaten to take someone’s life. However, I don’t know what he said, so none of this may apply.

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If the parents want him arrested that is up to them. It is just the federal government can’t deny him from speaking. That is what I mean by social consequences.