Frontier Airlines “Steve the Eagle” A321

A beautiful aircraft IMO. I’m happy that IF is getting a Frontier A320 but it could probably benefit from a Frontier plane in the new livery.
It can seat up to 230 passengers and fly up to 3,697 miles (5,900 KM) with a light load. Frontier currently has 17 A321’s in their fleet with orders for 2 more.
My photo

Im fully supporting this! (Add more info… Not just that we have this one and want this)


Is that your photo?
It looks like a nice livery, sad the new Frontier aircraft confirmed was the old one…


Yep, it’s my photo. I agree that it’d be nice to have a new livery frontier.


Looks cool, nice to have someone (or something) watching over you while you fly 😁


We need the Frontier A321 In IF :)

Agree, and I wouldn’t mind if they also added the JetBlue A321 as well :)


That’s a lovely livery.

It would look awesome in IF aswell and would be a great addition.

I love that huge variety of Frontier liveries. ;)

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For sure, there’s enough Frontier on the sim.

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I like the bald eagle, this livery is also good. It might be added along with the A320 cockpit update with other Frontier and other airline liveries.

I hate frontier as an airline. But i have to admit it is a nice livery.

I know that Frontier Airlines is the worst airline of the United States. However, I still like the liveries painted on every planes operated by Frontier Airlines.