Frontier Airlines Pilots “100%” Ready to Strike (Update)

Frontier Airlines Pilots Caution Customers They Are Ready To Strike

As the busy summer travel season begins, Frontier Airlines pilots are cautioning customers that the threat of a strike at the airline is a very real possibility until management agrees to pay pilots in line with industry peers.

After more than two years of unproductive negotiations, pilots have asked to be released from federal mediation. If approved by the National Mediation Board, it could start a 30-day cooling-off period, after which pilots could strike. Last year, 100% of the pilot group voted in favor of authorizing a legal strike.

The last major US pilot strike was in June 2010, when Spirit Airlines pilots went on strike for five days, stranding thousands of passengers and disrupting untold vacations. At the time, Spirit was owned by the same equity firm that now owns Frontier.


This may seem strange coming from me, but I highly suggest you be careful in planning your travels this summer especially if you plan on flying Frontier Airlines. Apparently this is the year for strikes as ATC in France go on strike and Frontier pilots are now set on going on strike. They are the lowest paid pilots of any North American airline. They have a right to strike but I would hate to see it affect anyone here. Tell family!


Pretty silly in my opinion. As a pilot, you should understand your pay will be significantly lower flying for a budget airline, opposed to flying for a mainline carrier.


Unfortunately, some pilots don’t realize that pay is a major thing cut from your benefits as a budget airline pilot. But I agree with you, some of these pilots need to have common sense…

But fellow low cost carrier NKS is making more then them so it’s understandable.


“In line with industry peers” doesn’t mean main carriers. It means the pilots flying for other budget airlines of a similar standard and market share. I don’t believe they should strike, however they should 100%be paid a competitive rate.


You’re doing the same job, you might have even more responsibilities, why should you not be compensated accordingly? It is clear that either side is refusing to budge, so the union should turn up the heat. The airline can lock the pilots out, but that’s not really an attractive option either.


If you’re being paid less than Allegiant pilots, something’s wrong


Say this more loudly @SkyHighGuys , are you telling us we should NOT fly Frontier? ;)

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Just for the summer or until the strike gets over. Then I recommend them ten times over ;)

When you analyse the total cost of a flight it quickly becomes apparent that the wages of the staff onboard is a very low percentage per flight. Obviously every extra cost adds extra onto the ticket price but as it’s such a low factor the extra seat cost would probably not amount to very much per passenger so why shouldn’t they get paid similar. Very similar to gender pay gap issue, why shouldn’t you be paid the same for doing the same work

Wow, i hate it when pilot do a strike… because garuda’s pilot said the same thing…

I was ALMOST going to fly Frontier to Denver this summer…
BUT… The flight to KDEN left KSDF at 8pm. NOT worth it.
Eventually my family decided to fly Southwest.

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Found this source, so take it how you wish…

Lets say it is reliable, if so there are some significant lags at Frontier, but here are some graphs from the source…

At the same time, Frontier hardely seems like a dream job, more of a steping stone, to get to a big name airline. At least the way I look at it…

Is it justified? I am not realy one to tell you about that… But I am 50/50, they are behind, but thry are a first job of sorts…


Hate to see that. On another note when aren’t France ATC on strike? 😂

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You have a point 😂😂

Hope they’ll get to a fair accord with their company as quickly as possible to avoid to much anger on the passengers’ side.

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That’s what I’m hoping too

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Less ATPs in the near future means you more demand for pilots. Higher demand and lower supply equals higher pay. This aint some petty protest but one that is necessary. The cost of training is high p,us the time it takes to receive the hours you need to just start at an airline on basic pay is substantial and costly. Airlines are going to need to up entry level pay and signing bonuses in the coming years in the US to keep themselves staffed with enough pilots.


Well said man! I’m curious to see how this works out.

Strike may not be the best resort, however they have the right to be paid the same as similar carriers for flying us around the world. If they are paid less than budget airlines like Spirit, I can totally understand their anger.