Frontier Airlines | PDX-DEN | Airbus A320

Hey IFC!
Once again, one of my hundreds of flights I will take between the start of this strange time and the end. Not much more to say other than this was just another ordinary non VA flights. These are the flights I do to kill time in between VA flights, as they are short and honestly kind of fun, as I get a change of scene. Let’s jump in!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Frontier Flight 790
Time to view!
Rotation 28L

Wing view

Climbing with St. Helens and Rainer off in the distance

Climbing around Mt Hood I think

Is it really true that each animal one each of their planes is “a whole different animal”?

Reached cruise

Approaching the plains

Safely parked in DEN terminal A

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice Photos!

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Nice pictures, bravo!