Frontier Airlines | MSO-DEN | Airbus A320NEO

Hey IFC!

Yesterday, I flew from Missoula, MT (MSO) to Denver, CO (DEN) with Frontier Airlines. This was a pretty important flight for me as this is the first commerical flight I have been on since March of 2020 when I flew with Hawaiian Airlines from Portland to Honolulu and Honolulu to Portland.

Flight Details
Flight number: F9-350
Aircraft: Airbus A320-251NEO
Aircraft registration: N373FR
Date of flight: June 29th, 2021
Seat: 4F
Camera: iPhone 8 and GoPro Hero 5

We arrived at the airport only an hour and a half before our flight which we found out pretty quickly was actually more than enough time. There was no line at check-in or at TSA, which was really surprisingly considering how busy MSO is this time of year. The terminal is being completely redone and right now, and it is more cramped than ever inside. I say this because our gate/holding area was put right inside of a restaurant due to lack of space when the construction started. But luckily this didn’t affect the efficiency of boarding.

We boarded the plane from the ground as there wasn’t an available jet bridge to use. But this gave me a close up, unobstructed view of the beautiful PW1100G-JM jet!

When we boarded the plane, and I immediately noticed two things: (1) the aircraft had been outfitted with a refurbished cabin with new seat padding and larger tray tables, and (2) the legroom for the non-stretch seats was incredibly little. I am 6 ft tall so sitting in that seat was a challenge.

The entire row in front of us was empty, and the row in front of us were stretch seats so they had a few more inches of leg room. We thought about asking the flight attendant if we could move up so I wouldn’t be so cramped in, but it was already hard enough on my neck to look back at the jet, and I also wouldn’t have met the retired US Navy and more recently retired Alaska Airlines pilot sitting behind me who gave me some fantastic career advice. So I’m glad we didn’t switch seats. We then pushed back and made an on-time departure.

Climb to cruise was very quiet and very smooth. I am really glad we got to fly on the NEO as it makes a big difference in terms of sound. The flight attendants announced that there would be no food or drink service during the flight, and water would be available for purchase. This is pretty surprising that water isn’t even free on a low cost carrier. Tip: If you are thirsty, just buy the water, DO NOT drink from the bathroom sink water, the water is disgusting and full of bacteria and could make you very sick.

We started our descent from 39000ft, went through some mild turbulence in the clouds and got some great views of the Continental Divide.

Very smooth landing onto 16R, hats off to the pilots. We arrived 20 minutes early, and exiting DEN was very fast. Overall, I was very impressed with the airports and onboard experience. Not a bad flight for a low cost carrier!

Here is the takeoff, cruise and landing footage. Sorry for the incredibly shaky takeoff footage, I used my GoPro to film it and I realized after thay filming with my iPhone would’ve been much more smooth. The landing footage is much more smooth. I recommend listening with sound on!

Thanks for viewing!


Being 6’2 i could never fly frontier, or spirit, or allegiant

that’s why I fly southwest 😎


Being the same height I once tried with Ryanair but I couldn’t fit comfortably at all. I still prefer Lufthansa’s A320(neo) config the most of all airlines I have flown on

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Great pictures!

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Awesome pictures!

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An Alaska pilot on Frontier? Probably flying with them because of Alaska’s rather limited route map but boy oh boy what a downgrade.

…might I have a paraphrase of this in a PM or something? Could really use advice given I’m about to start working towards my PPL 😅

Unless you fly with Southwest, which offers soft drinks/water for free on top of their snack mix and maybe some brownie brittle.

Yes, though the opposite action is (unfortunately) much longer in most cases.

Great trip report! (even though I’m a few days late)

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Fantastic Video !!! Really really nice!

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I should’ve been more clear, he was retired from both the Navy and Alaska airlines. Correcting that now!

And sending a PM your way.

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