Frontier Airlines Mesa CRJ-200

With the new CRJ 200 program I thought I’d throw this lovely livery out there! Not only is it beautiful but it’s also a F9 livery in the CRJ200…what’s not to love 😜

@Ryan_Vince what are your thoughts on this? Just curious from the livery developers standpoint.

CRJ-200 needs more liveries - will clear up a vote right now :)

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It certainly does! I do like the Delta livery but I think this would be another fiiiine livery ;)

Hmmm, didn’t know frontier had the CRJ-700 or the -200. Very interesting.

They had a lot of regional aircrafts.

CRJ- 200
CRJ - 700
Dash 8 Q400

I really hope we can get a lot of them in the sim :)


I honestly didn’t even know they had the CRJ 200, I knew about the other regional jets and the Dash, but not this. Great Find!


It’s a very unknown fact that they flew the 200! That’s why I’m hoping but gets added!!

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