Frontier airlines | MCO-BOS | Airbus A321

Hey IFC!
Frontier in the past has been a mixed airline for me. They continuously get my family to Denver for cheap, they are always on time, but their customer service and flight attendants are never very polite. But I love how many different animal liveries they have! Let’s take a look.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Frontier flight 1238
The photos are ready! Yay
On time takeoff

Gear up

Climbing into the morning skies

Extremely over edited photo

Wing view or Maryland

Over Pennsylvania

Extremely turbulent flight over NYC

Safe landing at BOS

Parked next to a beautiful JetBlue A321

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice photos. Make sure to put this thread into the #screenshots-and-videos category!

Good lord thankyou @Noah_Allan I keep forgetting to do that😂

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Absolutely fantastic pictures! Well done, thanks for sharing!

Me too… ;)

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Nice photos! I love flying routes between the Northeast and Florida

You’re not wrong 😉

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Great Photos, Stay Safe.

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