Frontier Airlines Livery Change

So…onto the topic of my absolute favorite airline in the world: #frontierairlines!!

Who here likes the old Livery better then the New Livery and vice versa?

  • The New Livery Is Awesome!!! ✈️
  • The Old Livery is Best!!

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eww that green

dat bear makes me uncomfortable…


Almost like its gonna reach out and grab you lol

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Lol like it’s going to flop out of the paint and bite you 🐻

just smokey the bear

he will protect you in a fire

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Well there is no fire so smokey’s gotta find a new hobby other than staring at me all weird lol

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Love the new “F” design on the logo!


My thoughts exactly!! Adds a nice flare to it

Hey he’s there to protect you in case you go down in flames! 😂 At least you have an onboard fire extinguisher

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Reminds me of LATAM.

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LATAM? Dear me and here I thought I knew everything related to aviation…

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Yea he’s a fire extinguisher until his instincts kick in when he’s hungry. Then all he cares about is his next meal which won’t be me. Trust me, peanuts and a glass of water ain’t gonna satisfy him lol

Which “will” be you at 30,000 feet

@SkyHighGuys, thats why I fly Southwest 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

LATAM is a merger between LAN and TAM.

Dang not a southwest supporter 😂

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Oh…whistles…I’m so stupid I should have seen that 😂

I like the old one alot more, but a new livery is always great!


Not crazy about the bear but the colors on the old livery are so blah…