Frontier Airlines HUGE expansion!

Frontier has announced they will be adding 21 new cities, and 16 of them are cities they previously served but backed away from. They are also adding 85 new nonstop routes, and more nonstop routes in between cities they already serve. Noticeably the biggest increase in service is their hub in Denver, with 20 new nonstop destinations. Now, 90% of the U.S. population will be within 1 hour of an airport with Frontier service! To see a complete list of new routes go to that website linked above, or Frontier’s below:

You might ask: How are they doing this? Answer: They currently have 76 aircraft and their fleet is increasing to 121 by 2020.

Personally, I am very overjoyed because my local airport (Long Island MacArthur Airport) is getting 10 new destinations from them, one of the biggest expansion spots. 10 doesn’t seem like much, but it really is when the airport is moderate-sized.

I’m sure @SkyHighGuys will probably die from excitement if he hasn’t heard about this yet…


This came from outta nowhere!


Absolutely! When MacArthur announced of a “special announcement” coming from frontier about new service, I expected only 1 or 2 new routes, maybe if we got lucky 3. But I guess not! A lot of other airports got that too.


@SkyHighGuys I think that is Important for you


You can never get enough of frontier :) If they order a 747 then they can come down to London and they’ll make even more money!


Happy to see that Cedar Rapids IA is getting a new route!😀
It also looks like MacArthur airport is also getting a huge bump in frontier activity there


Boy! @SkyHighGuys is going to hate this, jk!


I’ve already been in touch with their PR agent! Thanks guys for the tags…this means so much to me that my favorite airline is growing so freaking rapidly. :)


I know!! I’m thrilled! #A320NEO

But where are they going to go?!? Theres really no available gate space there… I’m still waiting for the service from


Along with Norwegian or other international flights :)


I messaged them yesterday and asked. B23 and B19 are actually decent sized gates. I checked out the B concourse when I went to Florida with WN in May as I had a lot of time before my flight

And yes, I’d love ISP-SAN!

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Thank you for that… So would the west concourse be by the train station?!? (Where the helicopters are currently?) or is it right next to concourse A/B?

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No, the west concourse is concourse B, PM me if you wanna continue this discussion I don’t want this thread to go off topic :)

What airlines/routes would you like to see come into ISP (Islip MacAurthur??)

(Theres a reason for this)

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Next thing for Frontier: More Aircraft! (bigger)


I’m praying that they decide to start obtaining larger aircraft like A300s or larger. Frontier is so awesome!!! :) this expansion makes me giddy haha


Yeah @SkyHighGuys I think the 757 would look crazy cool on the Frontier Liveries!


Any aircraft larger than the A321 in a Frontier livery will be my dream.


Frontier announces the start date/frequencies of new Spring 2018 routes

(Most) of these were announced a few months back, and finally we have the start date/frequencies for them. It seems like almost all of these are only 3/4x weekly. The only daily ones are ISP-ATL and ISP-ORD. However, there are still a few routes that we are waiting on the announcement for them.
Let’s guess. How long do you think some of these routes will last? Frontier is an airline that frequently adjusts newer routes/frequencies, especially at non-hub airports.
@SkyHighGuys your thoughts?

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They spelled “airline” wrong lol but I’m very very happy’!!! I’ve already got my eyes on booking some of these upcoming routes.

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So over the past week Frontier has started some of these blockbuster new routes. Anyone plan on flying any of them soon?