Frontier airlines | DEN-MSO | Airbus A320

Hello IFC!
Amazing flight tonight! I decide to do my all time most favorite route in IF, My second home of the Denver (not actually) to my real home of Missoula! I’m visiting my grandparents here for thanksgiving which is coming up pretty quickly, and I will finally get to fly into DEN again! And @den.aviation and @Luke_Sta it’s not that scary there! Anyways, here are the details.
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (frontier Colorado livery)

Callsign: Frontier flight 351

Server: Expert
Alright people, here are the pics, enjoy!

Boarding at the gate next to the bridge (where Denver runs a secondary security checkpoint)

Rotation Runway 25

Gear up!

Seat belt sign off at cruise alt of FL320

Skipping ahead to the wonderful approach (all time favorite approach of anywhere in the world)

Flying down the bitterroot valley

Turning onto final

Last few moments up in the incredible air of Missoula

Butter runway 30 (-157ft per min)

Parked at the gate (which no longer exists due to airport expansion)

I hope y’all enjoyed!
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cool pics! I might try this route :)


nice pictures, 3/5 are my favourites

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@Aero yes please do! Missoula International airport is such an incredible little airport in Montana! So many cool perks of the airport and the city! Go exploring in the newly reworked C172! The valleys are so perfect for GA aircraft!

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Amazing pictures! I loved to second one!

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Is it not?

frontier is always moooo!!!

Translation of “moooo”

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It wasn’t at first, was showing it was in general🙂👍

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If anyone who lives in northwest US and is looking for an inexpensive mountain vacation destination, a good 4 day trip here will blow your socks off!
Skip ahead to 11:21 in this video for a good real life representation of what it’s like at the airport and in the city! Watch till the end, he has some good exclusive drone footage.

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Really great photos! I must say, the one at cruise is quite over-edited. I want to fly this now!



make sure to add more butter or grease or BOTH

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Wow, the sheer realism! Keep it up man :)

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