Frontier Airlines COVID review // KDEN-KSNA

Recently I got back into the sky and decided to hop on a cheap $20 flight to Orange County onboard Baja the whale shark operated by one of Frontier airlines A320 NEO’s. This was my first ever flight onboard one of Frontier’s NEO aircraft. Now let’s get started, DIA wasn’t as crowded as it was this past week with spring breakers. I took a stroll across the bridge to a small security line and continued to look out the huge windows to see the long line of Frontier aircraft!

And just off in the distance I can see my ride on today’s 2 and a half out flight to SNA this afternoon. Walking through the A concourse I stopped at Panda Express to get myself some food before this flight. I still had an hour till boarding begun, so I explored the B terminal and C terminal since I hadn’t been in the airport for almost 2 years! Just as boarding was about to start I took the train to the A terminal and got a small view of Baja the whale shark, who was parked at Gate A52, with Cliff the mountain goat right next door at gate A54!

The boarding process took a while as Frontier airline is the only airline conducting temperature checks upon boarding on domestic flights. I got my temp taken and walked down the jet bridge. My seat for the 2:30 flight was seat 24F. Originally I was booked In 19A, but I asked the gate agent to move me to an open row as my row was full. The flight was fairly full with the back being the most open. Frontier took their mask policy and COVID very seriously, with fines and bans from the airline, flight attendants were patrolling the isles requiring that masks be over the nose and mouth or they would be escorted off the aircraft and potentially banned from the airline.

In the time laps above you can see that DIA is building and expanding their A terminal I can’t wait to see what it looks like!!

Standard takeoff from runway 25:

The flight was pretty uneventful, I watched a movie and ate some Panda Express and practically looked out the window the whole flight. The row in front of me had 2 people who literally talked the entire flight so my headphones were nice to have.

The approach into KSNA was awesome. So many turns and views:

Landing was nice and smooth, but the brakes were super strong. I loved this flight so much Baja the whale shark treated me well.

Total score and summary:

Boarding: Frontier boards back to front as most airlines now, so I was one of the first to board. Most passengers didn’t listen but I did. Process was smooth, and quick. 10/10

COVID Safe: I loved Frontiers policies, the flight attendants did an amazing job monitoring the customers and make sure the mask stays above the nose and mouth. 10/10

Seats: Frontier is a low cost carrier so seats aren’t too comfortable but nice, and the trey table is a joke. The seat was clean and the window was big and clean as well. 7/10

Food: No food or snacks on Frontier, but Frontier has bottles of water for purchase on board. No score applies here.

Landing: Smooth and soft 10/10

Total: 9.25/10

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Frontier flies to a lot of places from ORD, good to see they are taking precautions seriously. Great trip report, frontier doesn’t seem as bad as I’ve heard it was.

Edit: Really smooth landing! The plane stopped in 10 seconds, braking must’ve been very hard haha


It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I love it.

Hey my home airport!
Best takeoffs though from SNA. Landing is full brakes full reverses lol


That’s very rare tho 😂

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Looks like you put the wrong link as it shows the takeoff out of DEN instead of approach into SNA.

Oops thanks for letting me know. It’s all fixed now. Yes @anon74260613 the landing was smooth and full reverse lol

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I’m 6’2 and could never

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I’m 6 foot and fit quite well. It’s definitely tight but worth it for only $20

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I prefer Southwest but maybe one time


Ah, I miss that Concourse A bridge.
That security line is always shorter than the one downstairs…

I miss KDEN :(


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