Frontier Airlines Comprehensive Review

Hey everyone! I have been flying Frontier Airlines for almost 5 years. I want to share my personal experiences with the community and for people who hasn’t flown Frontier yet, some pros and cons ;)

Many people dislike Frontier for their poor service, delays, and a lot of fees. I don’t blame them. They are meant to have poor service cause they are a budget airline. We get what we pay for.

Im making kinda like a series I am making where I review different airlines I have flew. My goal share my personal experience with others on this forum and hopefully give them an insight in different airlines so when they ever need to buy a flight, they can use different reviews including mine as a guide Hope you enjoy :)

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  • Friendly Staff
  • Fast and safe
  • Modern and fuel efficient aircraft’s
  • Clean planes
  • Nice Seats (despite they don’t recline and they are really tight)
  • Low fare


  • Hidden fees (seat selection, carry on, snacks and beverages, canceling flights, etc.)
  • Delayed flights
  • Tight seats
  • Seats don’t recline
  • Baggage mishandling
  • No IFE

Check in and Boarding:
Check is a a little annoying compared to other airlines. There are huge lines to even drop of your bags. But if your not running late you should be fine. Boarding was a little annoying also. There were a lot of boarding groups which made boarding longer. Also the boarding process is a bit slow but not a big deal.

In Flight Services
There weren’t much service on board. Just like I said above, they don’t even provide free water. So don’t expect much service. Still this is no big deal if you are just trying to get to your destination. There also isn’t internet and no IFE.

Rating: 6/10
From personal experience I would rate Frontier Airlines at an over 6/10. Although though, their service isn’t great, we can’t complain much considering that Frontier has low fares. If you want better service, your going to have to pay for it. Most of Frontier’s flights are intercontinental which are only about 2-3 hours long. For a budget airline, it is good enough. But again there are still many thing that they lack. :)

My recommendation:
If you want low fares, Frontier is perfect for you. They will get you quickly to your destination. Although they have a lot of fee’s, there overall price plus the fees is still cheaper than most airlines. There service isn’t the greatest but there isn’t much to complain on a 2-3 hour flight. The fare is really a bargain. Save your money on more useful things in life:)

Bring your own water and food. Also don’t put valuables in checked baggage. (They might get lost or mishandled)

Here are some photos of all my Frontier Flights:

I am not being paid to make this. I personally like Frontier and want to share this with the community.
Also shoutout to @Louis for giving me the idea for this topic.

Feel free to share your experiences on Frontier. (bad or good)
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lol, isn’t the IFE right there :)?


You forgot to add that they only fly Airbus… 😊


Maybe - but there is no buttons to control it - it could just be the screen previewing your destination?/

No, because you could see the credit card reader right next to the tv screen itself :p


Haha. They removed it. And before that, it was kinda pointless too. No one used it ;)

True - WAIT the inflight entertainment ISN’T free?

Of course not ;) its Frontier. Even on United it isn’t free

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Water isn’t free?! That’s crazy


Yeah Ikr lmfao. But it didn’t really get to me though ;)

I love this review :) the pros catch me every time. Luckily I travel to avoid most of the cons so I have been lucky enough to only have pleasureful trips.
I get tickets (including all the “hidden” fees) adding up to roughly $115 roundtrip. Regardless of what you may think of F9, you can’t fault the, for their low prices.


Nah. Airbus is amazing. :)

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Cough…that’s one of the reasons I love them so much. #saynotoBoeing


For certain airlines it is, others, no :)

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Should be a Con.

No diversity, the same thing over and other. Nothing new to expect.


So you’re saying Southwest should be a con for the fact that they only fly Boeing? I don’t see you Boeing fans faulting them for that but you’ll fault an all Airbus airline for not having enough diversity ;) #checkyourself

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The give you free water…

At least every time I have flown with them, I have gotten free water.

I had free water on my flight to ORD. On the way back they offered it to me but I refused. So yeah they should have good free water.

Really. Remember when you were on that same flight as i was on 3/29/17, the flight attendants came around and was like : do you want to purchase any beverages including water?

Yes, Southwest’s fleet is a Con.

and i’m going away as a Boeing fan. I’m more of a MD fan.

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