Frontier Airlines Announces 13 New Leisure Routes

Frontier Airlines Announces 13 New Leisure Routes

Frontier airlines, low cost United States carrier has announced 13 new routes around the country. That includes:

It seems like they are going for a leisure travel market capture, which makes sense as that is most likely going to be the travel that recovers the fastest. All in all, I’m very excited to see where this takes frontier, especially since they don’t have the largest presence in the Caribbean and they are looking to expand that.


KLAS-KRDU. 🤔 Interesting route, Frontier. 🤔

I don’t see Frontier adding any new routes out of GRR in the next two years.

I wouldn’t say covid is ending, but many people are getting the vaccine so all of the airlines like frontier and JetBlue are adding routes to when travel starts to pick back up. I guess this is the beginning of the “new” aviation era.

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Thank you for sharing this! My parents were able to book a family trip to Orlando from Phoenix over Spring break because I told them about this. :)


Wonder when ATL-LAX will resume with them.

Lol did they color code their map by temperature? If so, they chose an inefficient way to get the blue and green people to the yellow and orange people.


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