Frontier Airlines Animal Zoo


As I’ve been waiting with a horrible tooth ache and plans for a root canal on Tuesday, I came up with an idea for nostalgias sake and for enjoyments sake.
I th Bunt it would be fun for people to share any and all frontier airlines photos they may have taken over the years. Let’s start getting a running count of what animals we can pin a photo to :)
If you have photos of Frontier Airlines in their retired fleet (i.e. Boeing, Dash, Crj, Erj, etc) please please please share them as I arrived on the scene after they removed those from their fleet.
I hope this doesn’t get shut down as I truly am interested in seeing Frontier Airlines history displayed here and a mini game of “Spot The Animal”. Please take the time to share any photos you find and keep in mind to take some in your next trip to share here!!

I’ll share some of the new I have now:

Airbus A318s (Retured fleet but I’d love to see old memories of them)

Airbus A319s:

Benny the Bear

The multiple penguin family (I can’t remember names 😂)

Airbus A320:

Mel the Deer

Yukon the Carribou

Grizwald the Grizzley Bear

Airbus A320N:

Flo the Flamingo

Cliff the Mountain Goat

Mia the Dolphin

Wilbur the WhiteTail Deer

Airbus A321:

Cubby The Black Bear

Midnight the Wolf

Sorry for the quality of the photos. I took these with my iPad as my camera was dead. If you have any photos of animals I’ve already mentioned with better quality, feel free to share those and with your permission I can replace mine with yours. Please make sure photos shared are ones you own and not taken from good old internet. I want this to be something we all pitch in and enjoy together and not just a copy and paste session.

Alright so have at it, I’ll upload updates to this every time I go flying. Surprise me guys :)


Again this is just for fun as I’m in love with the airline so being able to peruse all the different airports they fly through with the different animals, knowing that these didn’t just come from planespottersnet but came from you awesome people who actually got to be there with them…that’s what I’m hoping to gain :)

When frontier planes get retired they should get a special spot in the desert called “The Zoo”


I actually whole heartedly support that. Brilliant idea mate!

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I actually thought that Frontier Airlines opened their own zoo lol, great photos though.

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I love those liveries 😍

Was a really great idea ;)

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They are partnered with the Denver Zoo and have a statue and plaque outside the bird paviliion which is inside the zoo.

Denver Zoo Welcomes New Partner, Frontier AirlinesAlbumsDenver Zoo Welcomes New Partner, Frontier Airlines (2012)
Denver Zoo is proud to announce that Frontier Airlines is now the Exclusive Airline Sponsor of Denver Zoo, supporting animal preservation and conservation. Denver Zoo renamed its bird exhibit, “Bird World, Presented by Frontier,” in honor of all creatures that fly and unveiled a new Penguin Encounter. The experience, which opens to the public at the end May, gives up to eight individuals the chance to explore Bird World with an expert guide, learn about the zoo’s bird care and conservation efforts and meet an African penguin up-close. Denver Zoo will also celebrate the partnership with special activities during International Migratory Bird Day on May 11.


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Share any you have too…my fellow denverite!!!

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I would definitely, but unfortunately I’ve never spotted one IRL :/

You’ve never…what? I feel so bad for you man :/

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I’ve never spotted a Frontier plane. Want to though.

I’m sad for you guys who have never seen a F9 aircraft. Their beauty is unparalleled by any other airline worldwide (note this is my own highly biased opinion and some people will get butt hurt over that statement thinking I’m generalizing. This is simply my opinion)

I live in Australia where there is no F9.

Ah I understand. If you lived in France you might be able to see them but I want aware of your location.

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Unfortunately I’ve never seen a frontier aircraft in real life but I like the way some airlines make each aircraft special.
Norwegian for example also does that with famous people from their country

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I cannot believe so many people have never seen Frontier irl.

Im from Europe and I’ve never been to the USA…


That’s to bad man! The US is a beautiful country, plus it houses my favorite airline. I can’t really complain lol


Hey nice pics and nice topic.
I can’t read the registration clearly so is any of those Airbus a321’s N715FR?

No sadly :/ but I wish

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